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UAAP Season 70 – 5th Showdown – DLSU defeats ADMU

The final showdown for UAAP Season 70 between ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University) and DLSU (De La Salle University) was concluded last sunday where DLSU emerged victorious.

Game Synopsis
It was a great game because both teams are fighting for their dear life. The team who loses will automatically get third place while the winner will face off with UE for the championship. For the first three quarters, the battle was very close. DLSU would take a four to five point lead at some time but ADMU would always bounce back. However, in the fourth quarter, DLSU started to get away from ADMU through the heroics of Pocholo “Pochy” Villanueva. He made several big shots that shattered ADMU’s hopes in winning a championship this season.

There was a time where DLSU only had a five point lead and the ball was in Chris Tiu’s hands. Knowing that Chris Tiu is ADMU’s three point specialist, DLSU guarded him like hell that he was forced to pass the ball to Baclao standing beyond the arc. Baclao shot the ball and it went in. The ADMU crowd went wild and I was hoping that it won’t be a dejavu of the last game since the situation is very similar (DLSU leading then ADMU rallies to win the game) However, Pocholo made a side jumper and Casio sank his free throws that erased ADMU’s hope for a comeback. In the end, DLSU wins over ADMU and will go on to fight UE for the championship! Go go Lasalle! Pochy power!

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