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Blogger – Blogspot Change in comments

Blogger New CommentsTo owner of blogspot blogs and those who have been commenting on blogspot blogs, have you noticed a difference?

If your answer is no, please observe the picture to the left. There is something that used to be there but is gone now.

If your answer is yes, I do hope that we have the same observations.

Basically, the difference is that, blogger (blogspot) removed a text field where we can right our links in the second option. It used to be “Other” with two text boxes where we can write our name and link. But right now, we can only write our nickname.

I’m curious on this new change so I would like to ask a few questions: (Please answer haha)

  • Is this a temporary feature of blogger? or is this permanent?
  • Since there will be no backlink anymore when commenting on blogspot blogs, will you still comment on them?
  • For blogspot bloggers, how has this new change affected your blog? Did you suffer a loss of comments?
  • Why was there no notification of this new change? Were you aware of this change?