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De La Salle sweeps UE in UAAP Season 70 Seniors Basketball

De La Salle University Today was a good day for all the Lasallians! This afternoon, we just witnessed the DLSU green archers defeating the UE Red warriors to capture the championship. It was a 2-0 sweep against UE. After sweeping the elimination round with a record of 14-0 then losing to a sweep in the championship must be a super duper mega ultra disappointment for UE. All their hard work from the eliminations down the drain after today’s match. This is a big comeback for DLSU after getting suspended last season due to an illegitimate player.

Update: There will be a celebration at De La University on October 11, 2007 starting at 4pm! Food fest!!! If you have time to eat, drink and be merry, join the fun!

Game Synopsis

The game started with both teams not able to score except for a free throw by DLSU. Suddenly, UE made some fast breaks to lead 8-1 but DLSU fought back to cut down that lead. A few more lead changes happened but suddenly DLSU was able to break free from the constant lead changes and lead for around 10 points come halftime. UE started to rally in the third quarter by making some good three point shots but DLSU hanged on their lead till the end of the game. The closest UE got in cutting the lead was just one point but their hopes were shattered when JV Casio made a long range shot with DLSU’s shot clock running out. It was considered as the turning point of the game and UE never recovered after that.

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