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Transferring from domain/blog to root domain

I remembered a tip by Jaypee where he told me that it would be better if the blog is located on the root domain instead of a subdomain such as “domain/blog”.

So I researched and tested my findings on a local install of wordpress first. After making it work, I tried it on my live blog. I did not get it at the first try but as of now, I think it already works. Before I start with the guide, let me answer some questions first the might be asked.

What exactly is this for?

This guide is for migrating your wordpress blog to another location. In this specific scenario, I changed the location of my blog from http://silkenhut to http://silkenhut.com.

What are the risks for this move?

  • Tons of broken links (Internal – within your blog and External – those who link to you)
    • Fixing Internal Links – This can be solved by executing a sql command.
    • Fixing External Links – This can be solved through .htaccess.
  • Broken links to images
    • Not yet solved
  • Drop in Google pagerank
    • Since I don’t have control over the pagerank, I can’t do anything about this. ^_^
  • Broken links from search engine results (until the search engines reindex your blog)
    • This can be solved through .htaccess
  • Probable loss of traffic
    • This can be solved through .htaccess

Although I mentioned these risks, I’m currently looking for solutions on how to minimize or find a work around for these links. As of now, I’m currently checking the blog for more errors. If you find any error, please inform me right away.

//The guide is being constructed// Continue reading Transferring from domain/blog to root domain