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A letter by Carlo Cruz – Glorietta Blast Victim

I was just listening to the radio earlier this morning when I heard this letter and an interview to a certain person named Carlo Cruz. He lost his wife, Leslie Cruz, in the Glorietta blast last October. This is his letter that he planned to send to his employers but sent it first to an e-group.

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Glorietta 2 blast – 9 deaths, 100+ injured!!!

This is not related to blogging but this is something I could not neglect. I request that we all pray for the souls of the victims, and their families for the tragedy that struck them. Nobody deserves to die that way. -_-

It happened October 19, 2007 at around 1:30pm when a huge blast rocked Glorietta 2. The blast was first reported as an explosion from the LPG at Luk Yen Restaurant but further investigations seem to link it to a terrorist attack. Sirens were wailing like hell yesterday at Ayala Ave going to the scene of the disaster.

I would like to commend GMANews.TV for their prompt news update. I was trying to check the websites of Manilabulletin, Inquirer, ABS CBN news and GMANews for any updates and it was GMANews who provided the quickest update of the four sites I checked. I am not saying that the other websites are slow, I just say that in this event, GMANews was faster to react. ^_^

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