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Glorietta 2 blast – 9 deaths, 100+ injured!!!

This is not related to blogging but this is something I could not neglect. I request that we all pray for the souls of the victims, and their families for the tragedy that struck them. Nobody deserves to die that way. -_-

It happened October 19, 2007 at around 1:30pm when a huge blast rocked Glorietta 2. The blast was first reported as an explosion from the LPG at Luk Yen Restaurant but further investigations seem to link it to a terrorist attack. Sirens were wailing like hell yesterday at Ayala Ave going to the scene of the disaster.

I would like to commend GMANews.TV for their prompt news update. I was trying to check the websites of Manilabulletin, Inquirer, ABS CBN news and GMANews for any updates and it was GMANews who provided the quickest update of the four sites I checked. I am not saying that the other websites are slow, I just say that in this event, GMANews was faster to react. ^_^

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