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HostTracker – Free website monitoring service

Due to the blog downtimes I have encountered for this blog, I decided to look for a WebTool that will alert me whenever my blog is down. In that way, I can track the statistics and I can use this to complain to my webhost (hehe). So in my quest, I have found this webtool and…

Introduction to Host Tracker

I would like to introduce to you, HostTracker, A free website monitoring service. HostTracker will keep track of your blog’s uptime and downtime in a periodic interval. Joining HostTracker is easy. All you have to do is to enter your blog title and it will start tracking right away. You can opt to create and account so that you can track the stats and receive alerts.

HostTracker’s Features

HostTracker provides both free and paid services. The differences in between the paid and free services are:

  • Blog checking interval – Free accounts get their blogs checked every 30 minutes while paid accounts can get their blog checked every minute.
  • More URL’s to track – Free accounts are limited to two urls and domains only while paid can track more.
  • Uptime reports – Free accounts get their uptime/downtime reports weekly while paid accounts get theirs daily.

Looking at these three differences, personally I feel that a free account is already acceptable if you are just tracking a single blog like what I’m doing. Continue reading HostTracker – Free website monitoring service