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One level categories, theme nearly finished

Let me update you on what’s been happening to the blog in its renovation. As you can see, I just can’t stop myself from posting even though I’m currently renovating it.

Here are the changes since the last renovation posts:

  1. Removed the parent-child categories
  2. Previously, the blog had parent and child categories for posts. What does that mean? For example, I have a parent category named “Blogging” and it’s child categories are “Blogging tips” & “Blogger Events“. When I write a post about blogging, it’s either placed in “Blogging tips” or in “Blogger Events” but not in the category “blogging”.

    So I thought, what’s the use for the parent category, “Blogging”? Since the child categories are enough to categorize my posts, I decided to delete the parent categories. So if you would look at my sidebar, you would see that the categories that used to be an hierarchy are now all in the same level.

  3. Theme nearly finished
  4. I have already chosen a theme and I’m currently customizing it as I speak. I got the theme from themes.wordpress.net so if you need some themes, that’s the place to go. Right now, I’m still thinking on what to put on the sidebars of the theme. I expect the theme change to happen within the week or early next week. I’m kind off excited, what about you? hehe 🙂