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Paypal in Philippine Peso

Paypal in Philippine Peso

Today I just learned that we can have a paypal money with my local currency, Philippine Peso. I did some research and it has been available since late 2009. (Was I living under a rock since then? LoL)

In this way, I do not have to convert the money to dollars and suffer from the foreign exchange rates.

This means more buying power for me! Group Buying Websites prepare!

Paying my Philhosting webhosting fees using 2Checkout

I initially bought my webhosting account at Philhosting at PHP275 for 6 months. Late December 2007, I got an email from Philhosting that I need to renew my webhosting account because it’s expiring. So I went to their website to look for ways to pay for my bill and I discovered that they now have three ways in which you can pay your bill.

  1. Pay using Bank Deposit
  2. Pay using Paypal
  3. Pay using 2Checkout.com

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