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Philhosting.net Webhost Review

PhilHosting.net Webhosting Review

PhilHosting.net Webhosting Review

Philhosting.net Webhost Review


I have been with Philhosting for nearly three months and I had my shares of ups and downs while using their services. Right now, I would like to give a review on Philhosting.net based on my experience. I have been ranting in rage in the past before due to their unannounced downtimes. If you were to scan my blog for anything Philhosting, it would return results that are saying negative things about them. I wish to correct it by writing a review based on their services while not in rage (hehe).

This Philhosting.net review is unpaid and is based on my experiences only. This review will focus on three main topics which are (1) pricing, (2) support and (3) services. Continue reading PhilHosting.net Webhosting Review

My blog and PHILHOSTING.NET are down… AGAIN!

I am tired of the constant downtimes Philhosting.net is serving their clients… Just today, my blog, other customers of Philhosting.net and even their own website of Philhosting.net was down… Downtime started early morning, perhaps 11pm yesterday up to 10am today..

What kind of service is this?

Their tagline, Affordable Solutions for everyone true…

but what about reliability?!

… I need to switch webhosts asap… haha any suggestions?

Continue reading My blog and PHILHOSTING.NET are down… AGAIN!