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Support for Ragnarok Bot Configuration

I regret to say that I will not anymore answer questions in regards to Ragnarok Botting since I already uninstalled the game. However, I will not leave you without anything to use so I’ll just direct you to sites that can help you. Continue reading Support for Ragnarok Bot Configuration

Guide to Ragnarok Bot Installation / Configuration

Update: New version of the guide can be found here (this guide is now obsolete)

The most common questions people ask after downloading their Ragnarok bot are these:

  • How do you install Valkyrie bot or OpenKore?
  • Can you send me config for ragnarok bot?
  • Why is my bot not connecting?

…and many more questions similar to that. Now the purpose of this guide is provide you a step by step instructions in installing and configuring OpenKore also called Ragnarok bot. I guarantee that your questions similar to those mentioned above will be answered. Continue reading Guide to Ragnarok Bot Installation / Configuration

Openkore Unknown Errors Explanations

UPDATE: PLEASE GO TO http://ragnarokbot.silkenhut.com/ for all your other questions.

Aside from trouble logging in, botting in Ragnarok Valkyrie also has some problems due to these unknown errors. There are times that when you start up your Ragnarok bot program, OpenKore, you will get unknown errors. Don’t panic because I will explain each of these errors and provide an explanation on how to solve them.
(I’m still in the process of collecting screenshots for these errors. I had to recreate them myself haha)

Continue reading Openkore Unknown Errors Explanations