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Typhoon Frank lashes out on Visayas

The Philippines is under a huge crisis right now due to the effects of Typhoon Frank who slapped the Visayas region with heavy rain and strong winds yesterday and today.

I asked my parents who were living in Iloilo City about the status and here is what they said, (translated to English)

“We are ok but the others are not. There’s too many floodwater. The city of Iloilo and its provinces are flooded. Most are on their rooftops already. My friend, Malyn’s 3 vehicles are all submerged underwater already. The people are helpless and don’t know what to do and where to go. It’s a huge calamity. Rooftops are flying left and right.”

What a disaster this is. I’m glad that my family back there is ok but I can’t help but feel bad about the other people there who are suffering from flood and had to evacuate their homes. It would be hard to recoup for all the loses and damages that Frank the typhoon has caused. I hope this typhoon goes away soon so that people can start anew again.

I hope the government would take this as an initiative to unite our people and help one another. Enough fights and bickering and publicity stunts, they should focus on the things people need the most and that is support from the government.

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