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Silkenhut’s Blog to undergo major renovations

I would like to announce that Silkenhut’s World will be undergoing renovations for this week and perhaps maybe up to next week. Perhaps you might be wondering why it would take me atleast a week for the renovation. To answer that, let me share with you my plans for the renovation of the blog.

  • A new theme – Yup3x! I am going to be changing my blog theme. This has been decided after Selaplana’s review of my blog. At first, I was already thinking of changing my theme but I was just too lazy. However, after his review, I decided to change it. I hope that you will like the new theme.
  • Permalink change – Permalinks are the urls of the posts. As of now, the url has the pattern of /year/month/day/post-title. I would like to change it to simply, /post-title/. This is a delicate task since if I do this wrong, I’m going to lose 4months worth of links and I’ll be left with broken links all over the blog.
  • More Tweaking – I will be tweaking the blog to make it more presentable for everyone. I’ll add wordpress plugins that will make user experience very nice. ^_^

So there you are, my future plans. I hope you won’t leave me while I try to make this blog better.

Silkenhut.com celebrates its first monthsary

You heard it right. As of posting now, this blog has turned one month old. Hooray! Let me be the first to congratulate myself for reaching one month. I’m the first to congratulate myself =P

Allow me first to distribute to some party hats for this occasion…

*cough*cough* Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears..

It’s seems funny to think that what seemed to be a product of envy (yes, I envied my friend Wely since he has his own domain that’s why I got one too) resulted into something that I grew fond of. At that time when the domain was bought, I did not know what to do. I got my blog so what? I was so excited about the thought of having my own domain that I did not plan it out before buying. It took me a week before I realized what I’ll do with this blog.

In terms of blog growth, my blog is still small when compared to other’s blogs but I’m happy with it. However, I am very thankful to everyone who have visited this blog, read the entries, or wrote some comments. Without you, my precious reader (yes even you who’s reading now), my blog would have been stocking up on cobwebs. Thanks for the support the you have given. I will continue to try my best in writing articles and guides for you to read.

Now, let’s us look at the numbers on what has the blog achieved…

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