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Be careful with spammers stealing your online identity

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I went online just to check on the comments and I found this unusual comment from Jehzeel Laurente.

Jehzeel Laurente | contakt@allmusichit.com | quality-tongue-rings.com | IP:
excelent , Great work!

Feb 12, 10:12 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Meet HappySlip Live in Person

Now what do you think is wrong here? This is obviously not from JehzLau because the blog address, ip address and comment content is different.

So what’s the lesson here?

When you get comments on your blog, make sure to check the following to see if the comment is authentic or just a spammy comment.

  1. Blog address – Comment authors usually link to their own blog.
  2. IP address – If you know the comment author, you might have an idea on where they live so you can verify their location using their ip.
  3. Comment content – Every person has his own way of writing. If you notice something different, either that person is a fake or just not in the mood.

Have you encountered this kind of spamming?

Since JehzLau comments on my blog, I basically have an idea on how he comments.

  • Jehzlau usually writes in Tagalog Language.
  • He also includes an expression such as “waaaaaaaa” in his comments.

So if you want to spam using his name, you should take note of these two ways on how to comment as JehzLau. Now let us start posing as him haha 🙂

Update: Check out comment 9 of this post. It’s somebody posing as Ling, one of my regular readers too. For Ling’s sake, I’ll remove the link and edit the name, but the comment will still be there are an example.

Fake commentator