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Is there a graphical version for OpenKore?

One of my readers (Fredriech) have asked me this question about Ragnarok botting,

Thanks Allen. Your Bot really helps a lot! I have a question though…do u have a program which you can see/monitor your character while your on “Bot Mode”? It’s so lame reading what my character is doing…I think seeing what my character is doing is way too cooooooooool! Is it possible? *sigh* please reply

Thanks and MORE POWER!

My answer to this…

No, I don’t have a program which I can see or monitor what my character is doing. However, there’s a program called VisualKore that does exactly what you want to do. You can really see what your bot is doing just like when you are playing ragnarok. However, it’s not free.

VisualKore costs 11.95 US dollars (9.95 euros / 800 PHP).

You can see more information about it here, VisualKore Homepage.

Fredriech, I hope this answers your question. If you have more questions, feel free to ask me. Thank you.