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How to look for a webhost

Due to numerous web hosting companies out there, it’s hard to look for the best web hosting that you will trust to host your blog. I have switched webhosts before and I know how hard it is just to choose a webhost. Well, here’s my little experience on how I managed to pick a webhost.

First I searched for web hosting companies and tallied them in an excel. I took note of their plans (durations), prizes, bandwidth, and web space being provided. I rarely look at their feature set because I’m sure they all have similar features. The difference maker for me was the plans. I give higher priority to webhosts that allows monthly payments and those who give discounts because I’m not that rich as to buy annual or higher plans. I also noticed that many webhosts provide plans that are as low as $5-$7 a month but looking at them carefully, those are the rates if you buy the annual plans. So you pay $5 a month but for 5 years or so and it will become a $300 one time payment. I guess it’s more of a marketing strategy. I nearly got fooled into joining them and getting a plan which I cannot afford.

One thing I forgot to check when I was looking for a webhost was to check their reviews. It’s an easy thing to do because all you have to do is to type in these sample keywords,

“webhost company” reviews
“webhost company” scam
“webhost company” experiences

and you will see in the results the experiences and reviews written by people who used to or currently hosted by them. Some of the posts I’ve read are promoting that said webhost while some are bashing it like there’s no tomorrow. Well, it really depends on what their experience was for that host. This is a very important filter that I forgot to use when I was looking for one. But so far, I’m happy with my current host. Although I’ve read some posts where it got hacked before and all of that stuff, I admit I panicked due to security reasons but I just have to trust them that they won’t get hacked again.