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Changing permalinks and avoiding dead links

One of the problems in changing your wordpress permalinks is the risk of broken links. Broken links would really hurt your blog since it will be considered as poorly maintained and you will lose the search engine rankings of those links. So in order to avoid broken links, you can do the following:

  1. Manually change each link in your blog to your new link
  2. This is a very time consuming task and I do not recommend that you do this. This method also cannot solve all your problems since you can only solve your internal links. But what about the links from other blogs? You will have to find all the blogs that are linking to you and you will have to ask them to change their links to your blog!!! That would be a big pain in the — . hehe So what should we do? Let’s move on to item number two (it rhymes!) Continue reading Changing permalinks and avoiding dead links