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Essential WordPress Plugins you should have

Ever since I started using wordpress, I’ve been pretty amazed on the number of plugins it currently has and the numerous features that you can gain if you use those. I would like to share with you my personal list of Essential WordPress Plugins that you should have.

I’ve broken them down into five (5) different parts:

  1. For your blog’s visitors – This is to enhance the experience of the visitors in your blog. Make them happy and surely they will return to your blog.
  2. For your blog’s protection – With numerous people getting hacked lately, you need all the protection that you need.
  3. For search engines – In order to gain organic traffic (search engine traffic), you should make your blog look good in search engines.
  4. For your blog’s functionality – Although wordpress already offers a lot of features, there are still some that we crave to have.
  5. For your blog’s feeds -Not all your visitors read your blog by visiting the website itself. Sometimes, they just subscribe through your feeds and read them there. So you should also make your feeds presentable. Why don’t you subscribe to my feeds too?

Just a quick note: Most of the plugins mentioned in this post are just upload and activate. I will be telling you if you need to do something to make it work. I have personally tested and used each of these plugins. They work with the latest version of wordpress. Continue reading Essential WordPress Plugins you should have

WordPress Redirection Plugin – What it can do for your blog

Ever since I read Dexter’s tip on redirecting posts, I also applied it to my blog. After a few days of using it, I noticed some good and bad effects to my blog.

Let us start first with the bad effect which is the massive drop of pageviews in my blog (So depressing!). Now for the good effect is the increase in adsense earnings.

Want to know the complete story?

Continue reading WordPress Redirection Plugin – What it can do for your blog

Changing permalinks and avoiding dead links

One of the problems in changing your wordpress permalinks is the risk of broken links. Broken links would really hurt your blog since it will be considered as poorly maintained and you will lose the search engine rankings of those links. So in order to avoid broken links, you can do the following:

  1. Manually change each link in your blog to your new link
  2. This is a very time consuming task and I do not recommend that you do this. This method also cannot solve all your problems since you can only solve your internal links. But what about the links from other blogs? You will have to find all the blogs that are linking to you and you will have to ask them to change their links to your blog!!! That would be a big pain in the — . hehe So what should we do? Let’s move on to item number two (it rhymes!) Continue reading Changing permalinks and avoiding dead links