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WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plug-in upgraded my blog

WordPress 2.5 has just been released last week and today, I’m happy to say that I’ve upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. I took a gamble this time and used a plug-in to automatically upgrade my blog. Here are my thoughts about it. Continue reading WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plug-in upgraded my blog

Blog Updated to WordPress 2.3

Silkenhut’s World is finally running WordPress 2.3 after a week or so from WordPress 2.3’s release. What delayed my upgrade was my problem with my webhost account where I can’t log in to my FTP. But now it’s fixed and I upgraded as soon as I got home from work today.

Basically, I just followed my own guide for upgrading wordpress 2.3 and it all went well without any problem. \

Also, I found these two plugins that claim to upgrade your wordpress automatically (that means no more manual replacement of files, and other stuffs). I will post them for references only. Try them at your own risk.

If you have any problems regarding your wordpress upgrade process, please do not hesitate to ask me. ^_^