Taken 2 Movie

Taken 2 Movie

Taken 2 Movie Review

Taken (2008) was one of the movies I recently got to watch (just this year) and I really enjoyed it. The concept was really nice, unique and it had these memorable lines (“I don’t know who you are…”, “You are going to be taken”). It makes you think that if such a person exists? Someone who not only is good at fighting but at everything else!

Now let’s go to Taken 2. In Taken, it was the daughter who got kidnapped and the father (Liam Neeson) killed all who had connections to the kidnapping (it was all personal). Taken 2 now shows us the family of the Albanian kidnappers and the Albanian father who wanted to take revenge for the killer of his son. This time, the parents would get taken and the story would detail on how they would attempt to escape their predicament.

The concept of the movie is still the same as with the original where Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) would use this skills he gained through time and experience that even in captivity, he would be able to devise an escape plan. We would see new skills being shown while the driving, fighting and tracking skills would still be there. What’s missing would be the memorable lines / quotes that the first movie had. In the end, I believe Taken 2 wasn’t able to surpass the enjoyment and awesomeness of the first movie since it had a similar structure and I already have the expectation that he would be able to escape, the only question would be how and what skills would he now use to do so? Still a good movie to watch though.

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  1. nah. i’ve seen the similar tactics, even better .. in one of an episode of Fringe. i like taken 1 more

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