Taxis refusing to convey passengers

Philippines: Taxi refusing to convey passengers?

Allow me to talk about the state of Taxis, or cabs as I’ve experienced it in Manila, Philippines.

Rejecting to provide you service?

Have you ever tried to call a cab, then a cab pulls over, then when you state your destination, the cab driver shakes their head and goes away? In short, you got rejected by the taxi driver. Sounds familiar?

I have experienced this numerous times when I tried to call a cab. After waiting patiently for a taxi to pullover, they would quickly speed away when they hear where do you want to go. Did I say that I was going to hell that’s why they refused to bring me there? Who the F*** gives them the right to reject us passengers for a taxi service? They are supposed to be public utility vehicles so they should serve us customers. What happened to customers are always right mentality?

Able to get away with it because people tolerate it

In the past, the usual way to ride a taxi is to simply get in first then tell the driver where you want to go. That was all in the past because now, the norm is for the taxi to pull up near you, ask you where do you want to go and then decide if they want to or not. Commuters have accepted this as is; no wonder taxi drivers are able to get away with it.

Actually I have no idea when this started. All I know that it is very common right now especially in Metro Manila. In other provinces, I’ve yet to encounter this.

In defense of taxi drivers

Taxi drivers want to get the best profit from their trips so that can be their reason for refusing us passengers. That’s all I can think of. It’s a problem for taxi drivers on how can they earn more than their boundary so that they can have something to bring home. So it means that if they did not allow you to hire them, it means that you are not worthy of their time and your not worth some profit to them.

They are passing their problem to us because now we have to make ourselves profitable. But how? By going to far away places where they can drive their cabs wildly at high speeds and meters with less gasoline usage. So, it’s a big problem for you if you are living in a place there’s always slow traffic because most or less, you will be better off walking than trying to get a taxi/cab. \

In defense of commuters (like me!)

I was surprised and happy to know that we can do something about this taxi abuse. Here is something we can do.

First, get as much information as you can such as (rated from most important to least important);

  • Plate Number (very important!!!)
  • Operator Name or Taxi Name
  • Car Model/Color/ etc..
  • Driver Face/features/smell etc..

We can report them to the authorities with these numbers.

DOTC Action Center at 7890

LTO Hotline at 9219071

However, let me warn you that there is no guarantee that the authorities will do anything about it unless you are Hayden Kho or a crying Katrina Halili so you can also do this alternatives instead.

  • Just get off the taxi and don’t close the door (bwahahah)
  • Ride your taxi from outside the malls where they fall in line. With the presence of security guards, they don’t dare refuse you.
  • If you are with a group of friends, create a ruckus and beat up the taxi driver.. then take control of his taxi (grand theft auto style wahaha just kidding)

Btw, another problem is taxi drivers refusing to use the meter but instead offering fixed OVERPRICED rates. Instantly get off and do not pay a cent. And don’t forget to leave the door open mmkay?

Just my two cents…

Please spread the word on abusive taxi drivers

I’d like to ask that please spread this to everyone so that we can be more aware of the current situation of taxis in our country. Let us show them that they cannot get away with what they are doing and we, as commuters, want to express our right to ride a taxi without having to resort to negotiation.

Riding a taxi should never be a priviledge but a right to anyone who can pay the fee.

32 thoughts on “Taxis refusing to convey passengers

  1. Cab stands in Ayala Center have guards that hand you a slip of paper where you can jot down information about the taxi just in case things don’t turn out right.

    But for the record, whenever I got refused by a cab, I always take out my camera, get the plate number and taxi name 😀

  2. Getting into cabs where they’re waiting for you, like in front of malls, is probably the best advice. There’s good cabbies and bad cabbies. Most of the good ones wait in the lines at the malls and other cab lines. The bad ones you find on the road will stop if they think you’re a mark, and try to con you out a few bucks more than you owe.

  3. Choose MGE 😀 They never refuse passengers, kahit sa Baguio City pa. hehehe.

    Yung ibang taxi ayaw talaga kahit pilitin mo (kahit itawag mo sa LTO Hotline, wala namang mangyayari). Kung taxi driver ako, at masyadong malayo, tatanggihan ko din cguro.. woooooot!

  4. This kind of situation does happen and you have to be patient. Do take the cab driver’s details (if you can). I concur that the best way to find a reliable service is when you take a cab outside a shopping mall.

  5. a month ago, the cab driver told me that his taxi meter is broken so i had to pay a fixed rate. i said what? why would i pay for your broken taxi meter, are you nuts? he said, sorry it’s really broken (but his taxi looks very new including the meter). i said, man, you should not have brought this taxi out in the first place. first, fix your meter and do your job right. then i went out of the taxi and slammed his door big time. that was sweet!

  6. It really is an irritating reality. Although I commiserate with taxi drivers, there is a rule that says they can’t say no to passengers. I tried reporting a taxi once but nothing happened 🙁

  7. I’ve experienced this also while still in the Phils. When I moved to Singapore, it was a drastic experience. Not only do let you in, when it comes to giving your change, they give it exact to the cents. They won’t ask for tips and they are very courteous.

  8. well there are a lot of people who won’t look up for the taxi drivers number plate and all the stuff because that sounds so weird… however i also don’t like such taxi situation even in my country… there are some problems everywhere with the taxis… but after some time this gets sorted out … and i hope this will too

  9. this has been the problem of our public transport which can be trace on the manner of government implementation on policy. do not expect it will be solve in just one day. That is why i bought a motorcycle because i can not bear any public transport anymore.

  10. This is really true. Even the taxis here in Cebu, they are all the same. They pick the passengers who they want to service. They would pick the shorter path. In this way they can pick up new passenger.

    1. Yes. haha so in retaliation, get out of their taxi and leave the door open.. waste their precious seconds and piss them off.

      If they come to beat you up, sue them and get some settlement cash. I sound so evil.

  11. This is why it’s useful to know your public transportation (MRT, buses, jeeps, etc) and have a little physical fortitude–many a time I have ended up walking from deep within Makati (for instance, in Tordesillas) all the way to Ayala station. With a very old (and thus very heavy) laptop in my backpack. Usually also with other miscellaneous stuff in either hand. You’re pretty much S.O.L. especially between 6pm-8pm. You’re S.O.L. too during late night because, while there may be several taxis roving around, f*** if I wanna get in those, I can’t really trust them especially the infamous “white” cabs.

    Of course if there’s a will, there’s a way. For the poor man (like me), I’ve no choice but to do what I usually do as stated above. If you have some cash to spare *coughmanagerscough*, and the ability to think ahead, you can order a taxi. It’d be handy to know a couple of cab company numbers and to know where you will be and when you’ll need a cab. (I don’t know any.) Plan ahead and reserve a cab. If memorizing (or waiting for busy lines to clear up) isn’t your thing, and you have access to an Internet connection, you can also try ordering online at

    On a related note, an officemate of mine was able to sue a small taxi company (I think it was Glowing Stone) for refusing to be hired and won. He didn’t win any money, but he was able to ban Glowing Stone from doing business around his area. So there’s hope I guess if you push hard enough.

    1. LoL, I had to research S.O.L. because I was like, what the heck does that mean. It’s really good to know how to commute and avoid taxis as much as possible as it helps you get around the city more plus, it is much cheaper.

      I used to have calling cards of some taxi companies that offer ordering but ever since I lost my wallet, well…

      Hmm interesting. I hope more people will do that so we can change this “norm” of taxi refusing passengers. Thanks 😉

  12. i don’t think MGE taxi’s are credible these days – i experienced several MGE cabs who refused to convey a passenger.

    For one, MGE Unit 536 with plate number TXM 744, with driver Olaso Rodel. After I asked MGE on what they intend to do – they’re not event polite enough to reply to my text message. Its very disappointing that even big taxi companies such as MGE tolerates this misbehavior.

  13. pls beware of taxi operated by GAUDENCIO Y DE GUZMAN WITH PLATE NO. TYM 401 with contact no. 09189282585. I rode that taxi today from the airport and the taxi driver contracted me for 150 until Makati. I agreed then when he saw the traffic, he said “lugi ako, dagdagan nyo ng 20” even without the meter. He was also banging his hands on the wheel saying “ang malas malas ko naman” and driving like crazy.

  14. feb 19, 2011 between 10:35pm to 11pm on adriatico street corner salas street in ermita, two taxis refusing to take me to my home in barangay tuktukan, taguig city:

    TXS500 (even asking for a flat 300php fee)

  15. correction to the plate number above:

    eb 19, 2011 between 10:35pm to 11pm on adriatico street corner salas street in ermita, two taxis refusing to take me to my home in barangay tuktukan, taguig city:

    TXZ500 (even asking for a flat 300php fee)

  16. i was also a victim of that Glowing stone taxi, who hit me in my left foot. and they only gave P4,000 for the damages.

  17. Due to my frustration with taxi drivers here in the Philippines, I created a website so that we can share information on these drivers.

    In time, the database of erring taxi drivers will grow and with most of us having mobile internet capability nowadays (Iphone, Blackberry, Android) we will know the history of the taxis we are riding or even prevent us from riding a bad one.

  18. I hate this kinds of taxi drivers i had been refused upon telling my destination in times like this they aren’t just refusing you but they are also letting your self esteem down especially this happened when it is raining and i’ve got my baby and my son with me.Luckilly i got the plate number it is AXS359 YET THE DRIVER IS AROUND PROBABLY LATE 50’S OR IN HIS 60’S WITH MIXED BLACK AND WHITE HAIR HERE IN BAGUIO CITY

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