Terrorville Game Experience

Terrorville Game Experience

Terrorville Game Experience

Terrorville Game Experience

After a month, I finally managed to reopen my Terrorville account and finish the game in just an hour.

You do not need a walk-through to finish the game as that would remove the thrill of the story and make it too easy for you. All you have to do is to watch the videos then choose a path for either Tom or Mary to take. There’s always two choices; the choice where you live and the choice where you die. If you die, you will go back to the choice point and you can choose the other option so there is no concept of a real game over that you have to start all over again.

As the game progresses, you will gain some items (under unlocked items) that you can read or listen to. You can choose to ignore these items but I suggest you go through them to learn more of the history and background of the story.

Terrorville was quite short but it was fun! As a collector, I would try to pick the choices that would lead the character to die so that I could watch all the scenes. Some choices were obvious but some were not.

Tom’s Walk-through – Tom is a detective trying to solve a case and he among 4 others were invited to a house to eat dinner. Play Tom to know more of how he tries to survive when everyone is dying.

Mary’s Walk-through – Mary is a mysterious woman who just comes out of nowhere and warns that everyone is in danger. Play Mary to know more of the background on what’s really going on in that mansion.

Enjoy the game! I hope they release more soon as their stories ended as cliffhangers.

You can play Terrorville at the following locations:

visit @ www.terrorville.tv
watch @ www.youtube.com/terrorvilletv

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