Terrorville Game

Terrorville Introduction

Terrorville Introduction

Terrorville Game

When I was young, I was fond of reading Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books because aside from scaring me, it was fun playing something that you have direct control off. You will be immersed into it and every decision you make will decide the outcome of the story. It evolved to using pictures (lol those games) and wow, imagine that instead of a book, videos will be used… I remember seeing something like this in a commercial before where the audience in a movie would dictate what the actors in the video would do (eg. climb up the ladder or walk through out the door, help the person or every man for himself).

Well, I’m happy to know that there’s an online game called, Terrorville, which is a choose-your-own-adventure game that uses videos. You can either play as Tom (the detective) or Mary (the sister) in this game so it is like having one story, but two perspectives and you can decide on the outcome.

Here’s the mini plot:

5 people receive a mysterious invitation to a
dinner party at an isolated mansion. Little do they
know what is in store for them.

In the midst of dinner; a dead body abruptly
crashes through the ceiling. The guests then
realize that they are trapped in this mansion -
pawns of someone’s cruel game. Before they can
react to this shocking turn of events, the effects of
the drugged meal seep in. They each black out.

And the fun begins.

I have just watched the initial videos and it was already giving me the creeps (yeah I’m a scaredy cat! lol). But I’ll put this on my list of games to play because I’m curious on the story. I’m playing first as Tom then I’ll play as Mary.

You can play Terrorville at the following locations:

visit @ www.terrorville.tv
watch @ www.youtube.com/terrorvilletv

Btw, they restricted the game to residents from the Philippines only. I tried to open it at work (US ip address) but it gave me the message, “Sorry, Terrorville is only available in Philippines.

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