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Sky Broadband in Makati Test

Testing Sky Broadband in Makati

Sky Broadband

Is getting a subcription to Sky Broadband a good choice when you are living in Makati?

Currently, our internet connection here is powered by Sky Broadband and since I’m used to PLDT Mydsl, I want to test how it performs.

Speed tests done

(Via the sky broadband website)

Download Speed: 1531 kbps (191.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 476 kbps (59.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Wednesday, December 02, 2009 11:00:49 PM

Download Speed: 1458 kbps (182.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 476 kbps (59.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Wednesday, December 02, 2009 11:02:07 PM

Download Speed: 1518 kbps (189.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 481 kbps (60.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Wednesday, December 02, 2009 11:02:38 PM

(Via – Location = Makati)

I’m quite surprised from the results. It is actually pretty high however why is my surfing slow? Should I test this from a different server?

Complaints on Sky Broadband

  • Connection is unstable – the internet connection would drop frequently and the only solution we have is either to wait for it to return or keep on doing a reset of the cable modem. (I was supposed to publish this post yesterday but since the connection got dropped, I only got to publish it today)
  • Cannot play online games – playing online games will just bring frustration because of the unstable connection. You will get frequent disconnections, and lag spikes.
  • Torrent speed is slow – Given the bandwidth, I should be expecting 100KB/s but I have not yet seen any torrent I tried reach that speed. (Is it true to Sky Blocks Torrents with packet inspection?)

Overall, I’m not impressed. I’m sure when the lock-in is over, we are changing internet providers.

What do you think?

Disclaimer:: This is a personal experience based on the usage of Sky Broadband. Your experience may vary. ^_^

38 thoughts on “Sky Broadband in Makati Test

  1. i am a sky broadband user for the past 3 years. the first two years were great, really fast downloading and surfing speeds. For this year though, i have experienced really slow connections for quite some time now. Ever since they “upgraded” their connection speeds, there has been really significant deterioration in their service. I am giving them at least one more month to fix my connection or i am switching to pldt. The only good thing about sky is that connectivity to internet is almost always okay, the only problem is, painstakingly Slow! @_@

    1. I have sky broadband and performance has been very slow since I started using the service in January LAST YEAR. I struggle playing XBOXLIVE and streaming anything sucks (especially as China continues filtering Philippines’ YouTube connection). However, I would not give PLDT any of my money even if my life depended on it. I manage a small firm in Makati and leased a dedicated “I-Gate” line from PLDT’s SME group starting February 2009. PLDT cannot find $7,674 US Dollars we wired directly to their bank account last September, and they’ve been over-billing us an extra $1,000 US dollars /month since June 2009. Furthermore, no one at PLDT’s accounting has returned my phone calls and/or e-mail messages, and PLDT is one of our law firms biggest clients (impossible legal action). Pinoys complain about corruption when they could be complaining about ineptitude and misguidance, instead. I invested my time with PLDT’s SME agent assigned to our company when I should’ve been busy trying to find an inside contact close to PLDT’s accounting department. Hay naku!

  2. i agree with you. tlgang super bagal pag torrents sa sky.. kasi ako im trying their 12mbps plan… ay.. grabe nasa 10-20kbps… eh pag naka pldt ako plan 999. nasa 170 kbps… i dont know whats wrong.. pero sabi ng iba ok naman daw ang downloads…

    1. I get disappointed when I try the online testing at but recently became more depressed when I tried the new testing at — my average line quality grade was an “F” over 10 tests including within the Philippines. I clicked on the link that says “Learn More About Grades” and discovered a Grade F means that I need to “definitely talk to your ISP about troubleshooting the issue.” So, once again, it’s time to call SkyBroadband and see what they can do. “hello, can i have your name and acct no. please?” “please turn off your modem and router, and turn it back on”…… Hay naku!

  3. skybro sucks alot at gaming and im a gamer it is really slow, but speedtest is really good which i think is fake dont get this isp it sucks bigtime…

  4. To tell you honestly, their service is great…. but only during the free trial period, and after that? it will show its real internet speed, yes, it does get a high score @, but live streaming and torrent download is the real test for speed. my friend is a pldt subscriber, and yet whenever he watches live streaming over the net, his connection never lags (his plan is lower than mine by the way, his subscription from pldt is only 1 mbps, while I’m on sky with a 1.5 mbps plan) so I’m really switching to pldt now.

  5. I felt I’ve also been ripped-off. This is my first month with Sky after a 15-day trial. I thought it’s better than my previous PLDT bundled 1299 plan. Is there anything I can do? Report them for misrepresentation and cheating on their subscribers for them to allow me to terminate my subscription without paying any pre-termination fees? PLDT dial-up is even faster!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve been using skybroadband (sky cable) for years now. And I agree with some here that download speeds this last year are terrible. We have PLDT mybiz package in the office and torrent downloads are incredibly fast (200kb/s ++) even with torrents that have a small number of seeders.

    Skybroadband customer service sucks too. Their claim of being the fastest internet service is RUBBISH. Tired too of the service breaking down regularly as well. I’m risking going over to a PLDT myDSL (hope its as good as their myBIZ package).

  7. yeah sky sucks hard, not only does their internet speed slow, but their customer service representatives are constantly lying about the problems in their system.

    yeah, go to PLDT. Sky should exit the internet market since they can’t deliver their promised advertisements.

  8. Uh.. guys… Haven’t you checked your site? You are downloading TORRENTS which are possibly or mostly HACKED files.. kaya talagang mabagal yan… and especially if ur on a site that’s limited for free users…

    1. It is not only in torrents where Sky Cable’s speed is slow. So what if cable internet is used for downloading torrents, what is your point? Also, provide an example of a site “that’s limited for free users” and a site that is “unlimited” so we can compare.

      1. I apologize if this is too harsh. Downloading copyrighted materials is a crime! Don’t give impression to other readers that you are supporting this, and why you should switch to other ISP because its fast and they can use torrent all long.

        What is the point of using Internet if you are only downloading or using torrents? Regardless of what ISP will be used, if you are using torrents and downloading copyright materials (movies, songs, etc), you are a criminal.

        Not too mention the boot load of crap and malware that comes along with torrent use.

  9. you are one lucky guy!I have the 1.5MB plan and not nearly get anything nearby ( Southbay Garden). Especially with my game ( GW)..frequent cuts, lagging and not able to change ‘location’. Countless emails to sky have NEVER been answered and that is what they call ‘Customer service’. Back in Baguio I had a much ‘lower’plan, paid a lot less and it worked just fine ( Mountainview). Service was great as well. I find it a total RIP OFF and am currently looking into other providers ( but NOT PLDT which is a lot worse).

  10. to NOVICEZ…. man you hit in right on the nail…they really suck! If you know a better one, let me know and i will cancel my contract RIGHT away…but NOT PLDT…they are even worse in service and misleading of customers!

  11. @kurt

    you might want to try bayan DSL. They did have some hiccups last year, but according to my friends, they are stable and reliable.

  12. I got the sky 6Mps bundle took a 15 day trial first and it ran perfect, fast downloads, fast streaming. As soon as the trial ended it slowed right down. My download speed on is 0.93 Mps. Sky Broadband are con merchants.

  13. You have to check the download and upload power level in order to maintain speed constant speed. I have the same issue at my place and I called Sky. They adjusted the signal power and I now have a stable connection. Usually splitters can cause the power level to go out of recomended range.

  14. Also, use Open DNS. It’ll speed up surfing speed. As for torrent, this is usually capped by provider. DNS server here in Phils. is not reliable.

  15. I am really getting frustrated with these frequent disconnections with SKY. My sister should have read reviews about SKY before choosing to go with this shitty broadband. It is very unreliable, and my torrent download speed is mediocre at average. Don’t consider locking down your 12000 pesos for one year with these shit!

  16. Sky broadband don’t give you your own IP add. I you want your own you’ll pay extra. I think you are sharing 3 dynamic IP in one area. So it sucks when your using free account for megaupload ETC.

  17. ang masasabi ko lang, NA PEKE AKO NG SKY BROADBAND… 1.5 mbps expect ko sana mabilis ang torrent download ko… grabe swerte na na umabot ng 10 kb/s… 1 years pa naman ang lock mo sa kanila.. dba bawal yung “no return no exchage”? grabe parang ni re phrase lang nila yun eh sa knila “All plans are covered by a 1-year lock-in period. Pre termination fee of Php 2,000 shall be charge” e pano kung peke yung advertisement nila sa service nila? SKY BROADBAND PEKE….

    1. Torrent download depends on how many will seed the file you are downloading. kung isa lang nag seed nyan, sensya na mabagal talaga. kahit sabihin mo pang umaabot ka ng 60plus peers, the most you’ll get is 100+kbps. That should be expected. But that capped 1.5mbps is still slower than a frightened snail running for its dear life. Skybroadband cannot deliver PERIOD. patay sa umaga ok sa gabi. apektado yata sila ng oras e.

      Destiny naman parating apektado ng weather. konting ulan kala mo binagyo narin ung signal mo besides the uncapped and bursts up to 1mbps (daw).

      I was on destiny before… switched to sky just this last june. it was great the first week… fucking terrible the next till now. tayo nalang at ilang countries ang nasa 1.5mbps… for the price of P999 and P1,5k kung may cable tv ka. US gets 65MBPS DOWNLOAD SPEED for $50/month!!!…. konti nalang ganyan na presyo natin. say $30 price natin..for 1.5mbps… compared to 65mbps na plus $20 lang. FUCK! Pilipinas is doomed! grabe corruption dito sa atin. Companies here ROB the POOR and give to themselves and ROB the POOR that they just ROBBED a few MINUTES ago. lol.

      rant rant rant! rave rave rave! kaya maraming pirata dito sa atin e. pak this shit pak that shit. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!!! BWAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!

  18. Grabe dude, if your living in ayala alabang make sure you don’t choose sky broadband, their costumer service is lousy and they never listen to your complaints. I’ve called them everyday for almost one month, yet they aren’t improving anything. Every night, the internet speed drops dramatically, even during the mornings and afternoon’s, you’d be lucky to get decent speeds. I’ve been subscribed to Sky for over 3 years now, my only advice is to use PLDT’s myDsl. The only reason why Im stuck with sky is because my dad doesn’t wanna change it untill I get better grades. SKYBROADBAND CAN GO TO HELL.

  19. I’m currently on Plan 3MBPs, okay naman siya. Although, you are right when it comes to online gaming. I can play for hours, pero, pag kami na ng girlfriend ko naglalaro, it tends to lag most of the time. Overall, the speeds are decent, I’ve been on this for about two weeks pa. So, I really just can’t say much. Still, okay naman, download speed ko sa torrent would be 300kbps pataas and I can download and watch videos at the same time without having to worry about loading time. Wag lang umulan. :))

  20. The reason why browsing is slow is because mataas ang ping. Broadband kasi so ganun.. DSL has faster browsing kasi mababa ang ping or the transfer rate between the ISP and your computer.

  21. And what about their rubbish cache system (like a website changes IP, it will still give you back a cached version of it to the previous IP). When they’re unable to get to a website, they show you a custom rubbish page (what? I’ve never seen that in France anymore since 1998 with the disappearance of crappy AOL…)

    They filter/block some websites like Rapidshare and such.

    Some domains of google don’t work (like I can access but not, wtf?)

    And of course like you said, connection is unstable and speed is very variable.

    But can we find a good ISP anyways in the Philippines?..

  22. Hinde lang SPEEDTEST ang importante lalo na kung mag online games ka? Equally important ang PINGTEST.

    I’ve switched to GLOBE DSL.

    Thank God I did.

  23. Sobra bagal. Nagsend na ako ng email sa kanila.. 1 week wala pa rin reply. may screenshots pa ako ng torrent ko and also yung stream ko na nagdodownload ng game.. dati yung sa stream stable and hindi putol putol ang download.. ngayon laki ng gap na di nagdodownload paputol putol . Bullshit ang sinasabi ng sky broadband.

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