The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

Another free movie screening thanks to Energizer and Nuffnang ! We got to watch the Amazing Spider-man Movie at Rockwell theatres and it was very nice especially the chairs that were very comfortable to sit in. I didn’t see the trailer so I didn’t know what to expect from it but…  (spoilers ahead)

The Amazing Spider-man movie is a restart/reboot (or whatever you may call it) from the first spider-man trilogy. This means that you are going to see Peter Parker before he was normal and how he was bitten by a spider to gain his abilities. We would also see a glimpse of his parents and he has a new love interest (girl before Mary Jane). But the story is still the same, there’s a bad guy and he needs to beat that bad guy. Having seen the first trilogy of spider-man, I couldn’t help but compare both characters (e.g. the new one is more emotional – adolescence hormones maybe, natural vs mechanical web shooter, Uncle Ben).

The new spider-man is much more athletic than the previous one but he’s also more egoistic and gets these emotional outbursts a lot. He’s a jerk so that may make movie goers hate him. They do have great chemistry with his love interest (Emma Stone – easy A, zombieland, crazy stupid love). I have read that the director wanted the movie to be more realistic so which was good and I noticed that in the movie. Spider-man was still a human being inside and he gets hurt (physically and emotionally–emotionally again lol). Overall, I enjoyed the movie but it could have packed more punch and.. there was no mention of this line, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Watch out for the Stan Lee Cameo! Best one I have ever seen! Looking forward to part 2!

Thanks once again to Nuffnang and Energizer!

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