The Avengers Movie

The Avengers Movie

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Thanks to Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL, I was able to watch the Avengers movie for free!

When I saw this promotion from Nuffnang Philippines, I was really excited and I really prepared for it. Well it was successful because I was 3rd among the list of who submitted their entries.

Before watching the movie, I had a few questions that I hoped the movie can answer.

  • How did Loki survive and how did he get that strong?
  • How can the avengers work together since all of them have their own solo mentality and high confidence?

I was just able to get the answer for my 2nd question. The first one might have been answered but I wasn’t able to pick it up. So now, let me talk about the movie and the plot.

A stronger Loki returns to Earth with a plan to enslave everyone. He also has an army who’s waiting for this signal to start invading Earth. Nick Fury tries to stop him but fails miserably so he calls for the avengers to help save the Earth. However before they can save the Earth, they need to save first themselves from each other and that’s where the fun begins. So ends my attempt to make a spoiler-free plot.

I really enjoyed the movie! The plot had a common structure but the best parts were the dialogues and action scenes. There was a lot of wit in the dialogues and funny scenes (e.g. Hulk vs. Loki <–this battle was able to elicit an applause from the audience). The combination of their egos; Iron Man (I got brains and my iron suit!), Thor (I’m a god so I’m strong),  Captain America (I’m strong on my own!) and Hulk (SMASH!) was like a chemical reaction just waiting to explode! In a way, the final battle reminded me of Transformers: Dark of the moon but they delivered it better. A challenge in a multi-superhero movie was to give each character their own screen time and character development and I believe the Avengers managed to pull this off very well.

Very nice! Looking forward to part 2!

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