The Bourne Legacy Movie

The Bourne Legacy Movie

The Bourne Legacy Movie

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth installment of the Bourne Series and the first movie where Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is not in the movie. Due to this, people will probably compare (I did too) how Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) compares to Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). I watched the movie without watching the first three movies and it was hard for me to understand because the movie made a lot of references to the previous movies. So after watching the movie, I had a lot of questions and I was able to answer them after I watched the previous movies.

The Bourne Legacy tells us that Jason Bourne was not the only one in the Black briar / Tread stone Program. There were also others like him roaming around the world. However, the government decided to erase all evidences of these two programs because of the controversy raised by Jason Bourne and Landy (from Bourne Ultimatum). With that, they started killing all the agents, researchers, and anyone who has a direct link to these programs. The survivors would be Aaron Cross and Dr. Shearing. After their meet up, we would now see the chase scenes that’s famous of Bourne Movies where they travel from place to place to escape and eventually land in Manila, Philippines. The government sent out an assassin to chase after them (an agent which was a result of their new program, LARX) and we get more chase scenes in Manila. After they managed to finally escape, they rode a boat and …. you would hear the sound of a siren. End of Movie.

At the time of watching, I wasn’t familiar with what that siren meant but apparently, that signals that the movie has ended (as done in the previous three movies). Almost everyone in theatre was surprised at that sudden ending and would have wanted more but I guess we have to wait for the next installment. The movie was around 2 hours long but it seems that time just flew by because it was over before we knew it.

I liked how The Bourne Legacy was able to create great action and chase scenes on the busy streets of Manila. We had a good time trying to identify the places where they went and was amazed on how they did it. It’s possible to have such scenes even in our country and I hope our local directors would follow their example.

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