The comments plugin requires an href parameter Solution

The comments plugin requires an href parameter Solution

As I was adding the facebook comments here on Silkenhut’s World, I encountered this error that says,

The comments plugin requires an href parameter.

Well, I managed to fix it using this solution.

First thing you should check would be… have you been using any of the facebook social plugins before?

I have been using one and that would be the “Like us in Facebook” social plugin. I noticed that when I added facebook comments to the blog, the “Like us in facebook” plugin also gave the same error so that gave me an idea that they are related.

What I did was to “reinstall” both social plugins. In re-installing the “Like us in facebook” social plugin, I noticed that I was still using the “old copy paste code” which was conflicting with the new codes. So I got a new code from

and re-installed also facebook comments plug-in. After that, it now works as expected. 🙂

Please let me know if you have other scenarios for this error so we can look at it and help you solve it.

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9 thoughts on “The comments plugin requires an href parameter Solution

  1. Where do you add the code?

  2. Thanks so much! My issue related to a conflict of an old Connect WP commenting feature conflicting. Now all is good:

  3. Alexis Michelle Ambroson says:

    ok, I have one for you….a local tv station has the same comment whereas it used to say you needed to be logged in to facebook to comment. I have not problem whatsoever commenting in facebook. and while I rarely comment on this livestream like, just having it there bothers me. respond to if you have a solution I can understand.

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