The Dark Knight Rises Movie

The Dark Knight Rises Movie

The Dark Knight Rises Movie

Free movie screening! Thanks to HP and a second viewing, thanks to my parents. //Spoilers ahead so you have been warned//

As usual, before watching a continuation of a movie, I make it a habit to watch the previous movies especially when they have been spaced years apart. This enabled me to prepare for the current movie. Haven’t watched the trailer, I have no idea on what’s coming except for a new enemy named Bane who’s going to be played by Tom Hardy (This Means War).

The Dark Knight Rises occurs 8 years after the The Dark Knight where they are celebrating the Harvey Dent Day in honor of Harvey Dent. They also have this Dent Act that imprisoned a lot of bad guys without parole. However, James Gordon is feeling guilty and wanted to reveal the truth about Harvey Dent but he decided against it. His speech eventually lands in the hands of Bane which he uses in his speech while freeing the prisoners imprisoned by the Dent Act. The main antagonist here would be Bane and we would see how he puts in place his terrorism plan where everything just seems to come in order that even Batman can’t stop it. We would see comparisons in Bane’s vs Joker’s planning here. We also have Bruce Wayne who can’t move on from being Batman (a day where Gotham City won’t need him? ) and the introduction of Anne Hathaway Selena Kyle, the thief who knows and gets what she wants.

I enjoyed the The Dark Knight Rises because it didn’t have dull moments. From the moment Bane appeared till the ending scenes, I was glued to the screen. Bane was a great villain as his plans literally erased hope in Gotham City and once he has dropped the bomb, he didn’t have to do anything anymore as the panic and self-justice by the people was enough to continue the chaos in the city. But the good has to win eventually so through sheer physical determination and self sacrifice, Batman was able to save Gotham city… for the last time?

Is this really the end of the series? We can say it is the end of the trilogy but they can always expand past 3 movies right?

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  1. I receive an invitation from Lazada for Advance screening of the Dark Knight Rises but unfortunately, I was not able to attend because of some business reason 😀

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