The Day My Blog got Hacked – Parse Error

The Day My Blog got Hacked – Parse Error

Earlier today, when I went to check my blog, I was surprised that I was greeted by an error message.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /wp-includes/default-widgets.php on line

I checked my other blogs and all had the same error. So I panicked for a bit before logging in to my Control Panel and check the file. When I viewed the file, I noticed that there was a weird code all over it.

There was a script installed there which doesn’t make any sense to me. At this point, I decided to contact Hostgator Support and ask for help. I talked with the technician and I was trying to replace the files causing the errors with the original files from a wordpress installation.

My blog was able to return online but I still notice the weird scripts all over the blog when I do a “view source”. At this point, the hostgator technician decided to raise this issue and created a support ticket.

After a while, I contacted Hostgator again via the ticket and they replied that they are currently “cleaning” my files as there are a lot of them infected by a malicious script. He suggested that I scan my computer for any viruses using these free programs.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool:
Trend Micro House Call:

I did as followed and here are my results:
Microsoft full scan = No problems found
Trend Micro House Call = 3 problems found!

2 of them were software cracks but one is a Trojan. || WORM_PKOOBF.SMC ||

I had the program fix these problems and hopefully they will not return anymore.

As of now, I’m rechecking my blog and hoping that everything is ok now. I’m really thankful for HostGator’s support as they helped me regain my blog again. Kudos to their team ^_^

I’m happy to be their customer and would recommend Hostgator if you want a good and reliable host.

9 thoughts on “The Day My Blog got Hacked – Parse Error

  1. Oh man. Sorry to hear that your blog got hacked. I use a macbook so I don’t usually have problems with viruses. I also have a PC that I don’t use much for the reason that it does get so many viruses even with antivirus software. I’ll definitely check out trend micro for my pc.

  2. I’ve had experience with 3 hosting companies: IXWebhosting, Hostgator and ANHosting and I’d dare say Hostgator is the best out there. ANHosting is superb as well. IXWeb, on the other hand has given me nothing but headaches from week 1 of use.

    Good to know that Hostgator has been good to you. I love them all the more!

  3. I’ve been hit with the same malware, siszyd32.exe. And now my WP blog, also hosted by Hostgator, is showing error messages. A close friend who helps administer my blog is looking into it. Hope we can save it!

    I’m preparing to reformat my HD and then upgrade to Windows 7. Hope that cleans up the computer.

    BTW, I learned about the malware when WinPatrol alerted me about a program trying to gain access to my Start Up folder. None of the virus checkers I tried spotted it, even after full scans taking hours. Only FreeFix found it, but I’m not sure it has fixed the problem.

    Ironically, I live most of the year in the Philippines too — but currently I’m on vacation in Mexico. Happy New Year — and wishing you success in overcoming this malware invasion.

    1. You can also ask help from Hostgator. They cleaned my website from all these viruses. on my side, malware bytes was able to find the problem yet it keeps on returning. This time I used FreeFixer, I hope this is permanent.. else I really need to reformat 🙁 Happy new year too 🙂

  4. Aahh, I never thought blogs are also prone to virus infections. Switching to Mac would probably minimize such down times. Glad to hear you got your blog back. Kudos to Hostgator.


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