The Dictator Movie

The Dictator Movie

The Dictator Movie

If you are familiar with either Borat and Bruno, then this is a show that you would want to watch and enjoy. Personally, I didn’t get to finish Borat (Pamela Anderson in a sack!) and didn’t stand long enough to keep on watching Bruno (extreme gayness). Both movies were like reality TV shows because they would pose as different characters to “interview” real persons that thinks they are for real. However, in the dictator, this aspect of the film was removed. The dictator actually has a cohesive story that you would understand from start to finish.

The dictator is about the ruler of Wadiya who doesn’t want to make his country a democratic one so that his country can hog all the oil. He also wants to build nuclear weapons for peace. However, when the United Nations decided that they would try to convince him via military action, he comes to New York to address them and gets kidnapped. His kidnapper shaves his beard and hair therefore making him unrecognizable. So starts his mission to regain back his identity and stop the bad guys from opening up Wadiya for democracy.

The Dictator is a good movie to watch if you just want to have fun, laugh at jokes and enjoy. You don’t need to be critical or think much in this movie so all you have to do is to prepare to be entertained. By removing the “reality” part, you would have the idea that everything was scripted and they can freely exaggerate on the scenes to make it funnier. People might miss that aspect but as for me, it was ok and it worked.

Some jokes may not be suitable for minors hence the R-13 rating. I hear they have the Dictator unrated version and I’d like to get a copy of that as it contains scenes not allowed in movie theaters.

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  1. I’m really surprised that Sacha Baron Cohen is still making this kind of provocative movie. What may seem amusing to Western audiences can be deeply offense to other cultures. This offend-to-amuse style is starting to get a bit long in the tooth now, and whilst I take my hat off to SBC for Ali G (and not so much the movie, but the original sketches on TV back in 2003ish), he needs to draw on that original creativity to find a new angle.

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