The Expendables 2 Movie

The Expendables 2 Movie

The Expendables 2 Movie Review

The Expendables 2 is not a direct sequel to Expendables 1. It felt more like an upgrade of the first movie where if you liked the first show after seeing your old action stars, then you’ll going to like this one too as it has scenes for those who had cameos (Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the 1st movie and they added more stars like Van Damme, THOR, and even Chuck Norris!

The Expendables 2 is still about Stallone’s team of mercenaries taking a mission from Church (Bruce Willis). It looked very simply but it became complicated when they were ambushed by Van Damme’s team and one of them got killed. Stalone vowed to get revenge and thus this unfinished mission got more personal and that’s our story.

But what can you expect from a group of former action stars? Lots of action scenes! You would be seeing explosions, gun fights, and an overdose of macho manliness with only one girl as the rose among the thorns! Each one of them is more or less invincible and too bad Van Damme was on the other side else he also could not be defeated. Overall, the movie was ok and it was more of a fan service to everyone who liked the action movies of the 80’s and 90’s where these stars were ruling the action movie genre. They stay true to their roles in the action movies where each one has the ability to take on all of the enemies single-handedly (I’m referring to the Chuck Norris scene but… then again, that’s Chuck Norris). Similar to the first movie, it was a Stallone-centric movie where he would get most of the screen time while others would share on the limited screen time. They could have just called it Stallone Team instead of The Expendables.

Will there be 3rd movie, The Expendables 3, anyone? If there is, who would they introduce next?

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