The Global Warming then Unpredictable Rains thus Unlimited Sweat the so Hot story!

The Global Warming then Unpredictable Rains thus Unlimited Sweat the so Hot story!

A personal rant on a very hot day in the Philippines.

I’m currently sitting in the guest room where I can feel the room temp is enough to make me sweat. So in order to counter that, I opened the fan + the airconditioner so that it will make the room cool. However, since people might say that I am wasting energy, I turned off the airconditioner however the fan stays on.

Anyway, I just wanted to complain why is it so hot these days? Imagine taking a nice good shower and a few minutes after you go out of the bathroom, you are wet again. You might say that this is because you forgot to wipe yourself but no, this is due to sweat and the heat in the room. It makes you want to take a bath again however once you get out, you are sweating again. When you go out of the house, you will feel like you are being baked and it would be painful for your face. I’m sure that airconditioners would be a best-buy these days due to the scorching heat.

For the weather in the Philippines, it is really hard to understand. It is usually a mixture of rain or shine. There are days where the sun is so bright up there in the sky and it would be very hard to walk outside without any sun protection. There are also some days where the clouds are thick and are making the sky gloomy. If you see this, prepare yourself because sooner or later it is going to rain a lot. Even if the weather is like that, the temperature is still the same. It is hot!

People would attribute this heat to what they call Global Warming. What exactly is that? From what I know, Global warming is the warming of the Earth due to the gases such as Carbon dioxide etc. These gases comes from burning fuels, cars, when we breath out etc. When released in the air, these gases would then trap the rays of the sun thus collecting these “heat rays”. People would also say that this heat is causing the polar ice caps in the artic circles to melt thus raising our water levels (I believe this is irrelevant to my topic now). However, I’m not really a scientist so I have limited knowledge on this.

I’m also thinking that since it is very hot and the sun’s rays are trapped in the Earth, this would cause more evaporation in our oceans. This would cause a lot of water to be trapped in our skies and if the sky can’t hold them up any longer, then they will fall down as heavy rains. This cycle would continue and due to this evaporation stuff, you will feel the air to be humid. I really hate if the air is humid. You will feel sticky all over and it is not a good combination when you are sweating like hell. This is really a bad combination, scorching heat and very humid air.

People’s defense against this is to stay indoors and turn to full blast their air conditioners. However, if we analyze it, these air conditioners release gases that they say cause Global Warming. So this is more of a cause and effect, look at this example…

Earth is getting hot -> People open their air condiationers to be cool -> More gases released in the air -> more heat trapped in earth -> return to start

oh when will this cycle end? As for now, let us have some tips on how to battle the heat.

Battling the effects of heat

We should be vigilant in our battle against heat. Here are the things that I’ve thought of that can help us in our battles.

  • Stay indoors – less exposure to the sun means lesser heat means lesser temperature increase means lesser sweat produced
  • Wear light colored clothes – I don’t remember in what grade but we were taught that light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb light. I hope it works with clothes too.
  • Apply sunscreen – yes the higher the SPF, the better. It stands for Sun Protection Factor.
  • Drink lots of water – The more you sweat, the more water you lose in your body. Replenish them with drinking water.
  • Do not move a lot – less movement means less sweat

That is all I can say for now. I hope the weather is going to get better soon else I’m going to melt just like the ice in the Artic circle.

9 thoughts on “The Global Warming then Unpredictable Rains thus Unlimited Sweat the so Hot story!

  1. Nice tips, Allen. Maybe you should consider a geo-thermal cooling system (look it up on search). And you could also plant a couple of trees every month. If everyone did that…

  2. indeed it is very hot and humid in philippines. but it does rain ocassionally in the afternoon. baha nga lang ang resulta.

  3. Yeah, people are now feeling the effect of global warming. Hope people will be more conscious enough not to harm the environment bu using earth friendly stuff. Let’s help educate one another.

    Just my two cents.


  4. I like the idea of planting more trees. When we’re living in the country, our house is surrounded with lots and lots of trees and plants. We didn’t need to switch on any fan or airconditioner back there. I miss the country life!

  5. Great article, it gave me a laugh. Don’t know if was intended to be funny or not but your one tip on how to prevent sweat made me laugh. “Don’t move a lot.” 🙂

    Have a good day,

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