The Valley Golf Brawl Updates – Pangandamans VS Dela Pazes

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Last week, I posted the account of the daughter who got her father and brother beat up by a politician. By spreading the news, I hope that people will become aware of issues such as this.

I also would like to know what happens next and I’m glad to announce that Inquirer has made a special section in their news for this issue only. You can visit the link here.

The Valley Golf Brawl


When I read the accounts of both parties, it is very different from each other. The Pangandamans would say that the Dela Pazes started the fight and the Dela Pazes would say that the Pangandamans started to fight. Now who would you believe? Can we simply ask their bodies especially if they have bruises to say who did the first hit?

Also, I’m sure both will have witnesses (be it truthful witnesses or witnesses who got paid to be one). Based on the account of Bambee, the people in the golf club wouldn’t even help. I’m not so sure if they can be used as witnesses because they are scared. So if the Dela Pazes would ask them to be witnesses, it might backfire against them due to fear.

Even if they are under oath, they can still lie. Who would know you are lieing? Unless that person knows you very well that they can see some difference in your movements when you lieing or not.

One thing I’m also wondering about, the Dela Pazes are filing child abuse due to the beating up of Bino (14yr old). If he is mentioned in all the stories, he was there so no doubt about it. How about the counter file of the Pangandamans, filing child abuse against the Dela Pazes claiming that they nearly hit their 8 year old in the golf course while hitting shots without shouting fore?

Another thing I would like to know is who’s account is telling the truth for the start of the brawl?

For the Pangandamans, Dela Paz thrusted an umbrella at them which Nasser Jr blocked and then while his coke was spilling, he countered with a punch! Then the both 14yr old kid and 18 yr old daughter rushed in to attack too. Then the fight was broke up by golf club personel.

For the Dela Paz, Nasser hits the father Dela Paz and then the other companions rush to beat him up some more. The children of Dela paz rushed into the scene to try to pacify and stop the fight. However, the 14yr old kid got a knuckle sandwich for his efforts. The fight was broken up.. however, according to the Dela Paz there was a round two in the clubhouse (not mentioned in the Pangandaman’s account).

I still find it hard to believe on how can a 56yr old man and a 14yr old boy manage to find against adult men? If it was a 2 on 2, they could not win, but there was more than two adult men.

I really hope the truth will come out and justice will prevail.

2 thoughts on “The Valley Golf Brawl Updates – Pangandamans VS Dela Pazes

  1. I don’t know. The previous post, it looked pretty certain that the old guy and his boy were victims. But in this post, looks like both side had a little bit to blame each other. Don’t these golf courses have video cameras to record things like these, so no camn argue about it afterwards?

    1. @Ling, Hi Ling, I don’t think they have video cameras for this. I’m still reading news but I think both sides are on an equal stand. The advantage of de lapaz before suddenly disappeared even with the bloggers blogging about it.

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