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Thor Movie 

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Thor Movie 

I first saw a glimpse of this movie while I was on a bus. I didn’t know what the title was until I saw the guy suddenly wielding a hammer with some lightning effects. I wasn’t able to start or finish it because I had to get off the bus.

Now, one day, I made time to watch it uninterrupted and in HD. I can say that I enjoyed the movie (it had funny scenes at the start),good story but it lacked action scenes. There was a lot of story that I didn’t realize that the movie already took nearly two hours and I was like, is that all the action they put for the God of Thunder? At the start, it looked promising because it started with a war, fighting here and there. Proud Thor trying to prove his manliness by trying to start a war on his own… and then.. minutes later, he’s on earth as a “mere” mortal and living life with a college geek and her friends.

Well, his father certainly is a good teacher and he taught him about humility and sacrifice. He doesn’t want Thor to be so proud and arrogant just because he holds “Myeo-myo Mjolnir” in his hands. Thor had to learn this the hard way but I’m sure that he will not forget this lesson.

Overall, like I said in the beginning, the movie was OK but it would have been better if it had more fight scenes like what would have happened if war has broken out again? The frost giants vs Thor… The movie made the frost giants so weak that they are just there to be defeated easily in the action scenes. That would have been great! Oh well…

Stay after the credits ok?

I’m looking forward to Thor Movie two or the Avengers, whichever comes first.

Thor Cast

Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman

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Thor Movie 

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  1. Last Angry Geek says:

    The hammer’s name is Mjolnir, not “myeo-myo”.. get your facts straight before blogging like a retard.

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