Three Beeps when starting computer

Three Beeps when starting computer (Help Needed)

I also asked this question in Yahoo Answers hoping to find an answer. Now here is my story…

Lately, my computer doesn’t boot up anymore. When I press the power button, I will hear three long beeps and I won’t even reach the bios screen. I already removed and added back the memory card and video card with no success.

I tried putting the video card into another computer and it worked. I noticed that in my desktop, my video card fan won’t rotate so is it possible that my video card slot is dead?

This btw is an old computer dated 2003 and these are the specs…
Pentium 2.4ghz
ECS p4vxasd2 mobo
G-force 4 mx (440 I think) video card
512MB DDR memory card
40GB + 80GB Hard disk .. IDE … yeah
BenQ DVD Burner forgot the model.

This problem is causing me a lot of missed downloads as this is my download PC. (sad). I hope it gets fixed soon.

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  1. Allen, you may want to check if your other parts work in another PC, but based on what you’ve written, I think it’s time for you to get a new motherboard.

    1. @Julian M., Hi Julian, so far, videocard, monitor, works. I have not yet tested my ram and harddisks. I’m looking for a cheap motherboard as this is an old model so maybe its hard to find one.

  2. Been through these beep problems and I know how frustrating it can be. Did it start acting like this for no reason? Might be time to visit Gilmore avenue.

    1. @Rex, well, when I left the house, it was working ok, but then my couzins tampered with it and when I returned, it became like this. All i know is they tried to play pet society (facebook) there and removed the mouse from the computer.

  3. Have you tried it using another monitor? If the video card is ok, and the computer is giving you 3 beeps, that likely means there’s a display problem. You should try disconnecting the monitor cable from the card, and also remove your hdd cable and power, just to be safe. Then try again.

    1. @Ling, hmm I attached a different pc to my monitor and it was able to boot up properly so my monitor is safe. I also removed the HD and switch it back on just in case. my guess is on the vcard slot 🙁

  4. in my experiences, my 3 beep problem was caused by dust … i just clean the mobo slots thoroughly (2 or 3 times) and then it just went back up…

    the best thing here is to have a spare parts (a spare, working pc) wh/ere you can swap parts between the two… para verified mo that the parts are still working.. most of the times the culprit is the memory slot or video slot ng mobo

    Elis last blog post..The Car PC Project… Again

  5. I hope your pc is doing well now. The pc is a very prized possession for online people like us and it is but wise to keep it in shape all the time.

    We really don’t want our files corrupted and the pc parts to screw up.

    Good luck!


    100% TESTED

  7. Computers can beep due to a number of reasons.
    Some programs, such as anti virus programs, instead of having sounds, can tell the computer to use its inbuilt beeper to notify the user of something. Of course, this relies on the fact you actually know why the application’s telling the computer to beep. 😛
    Computers can also beep when performing certain operations that require some kind of timer, other than one that can be used through processing. Timed beeps are likely caused by this.

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