Tips of How to Avoid Street Robberies

7 Tips of How to Avoid Street Robberies

Here in the Philippines, street crimes are rampant but are not usually given much attention because they are considered “small fry“. Reporting these crimes to the police usually get no resolution because their focus is on the big crime organizations so snatchers, hold-uppers, and robbers that lurk on the streets can continue their modus operandi as long as they do not get too big to get the attention of the media / tabloids.

Because of this, we as citizens should not rely 100% on our law enforcers for our safety. We must be pro-active on our part instead of being reactive because when those criminals have you in their sights, it is either your life or your material possessions or sometimes both. We must have our own safety rules when going out in the city especially when you travelling alone (walking).

Here are some tips that should help you avoid these street menaces. (A lot of don’ts!)

  1. Avoid walking alone in streets where there are scarce – To those who rely on their shortcuts to get ahead should be careful because you will be a juicy target to getting cornered in a wall.
  2. Trust your gut feel – if you feel somebody is following you, stop immediately and observe your surroundings. If you are being followed, that person (or group) will also stop and act like they are doing something different. If you are unsure, cancel your current route and try to get to another destination where there are a lot of people or ride a public transportation (taxi, jeepney, bus) just to get away from that place.
  3. Don’t talk to strangers – They use to teach this to children before ,”My mom told me don’t talk to stranger, Mr. Stranger“. I hope we don’t forget about this tip because this can really help us. When somebody is talking to you (aside from following you # tip 2), just ignore them but at this time, you should raise your awareness. Talking usually lowers our defenses and distracts us on what is going on with our surroundings. Once again, get out of that place as soon as possible.
  4. Don’t trust strangers – Usually this is the reason given by victims when they get robbed, “he didn’t look like a robber“. Just because someone looks like your dream boy doesn’t mean that he won’t do such things as pointing a knife at your back and say, “hey babe, pretty boy here is going to get your stuffs ok?“. Physical appearance doesn’t define the intentions of a person or his character. We usually say this when we choose our partners so why not apply it for our own safety?
  5. Don’t look like a target – This tip isn’t really 100% effective but it doesn’t lower the chances of you getting robber. Imagine there are two students; Student A is wearing designer clothes, listening to his iphone while playing on his PSP while student B is just wearing sandals and shorts and they are both walking down a “robber prone area” at different times. Who do you think will be the likely victim? Both!
  6. The more the merrier – I’m sure everyone has a friend so in the case that you really want to go through a “robber prone area”, go in groups as this will lower the chances (but not really down to 0%).
  7. Learn self defense – I added it here but I’m not sure if it is really applicable to real life but it doesn’t happens in movies. They got a knife pointed at their back and with their lightning quick moves, they counter and the next thing you know it, the robber is the one who has his hands-up. But it does help if you know a thing or too as you can do a counter-attack on knife-holding robbers but avoid resisting from gun-holding robbers as they only need to pull the trigger and some do not hesitate to do it.

What to do if you get robbed?

What else you can do ? The moment they strike is when you are most vulnerable and they know this. I would advice that you just give in to their demands and give whatever material things they want. Material things can be replaced in time so do not be so attached to them. This is the most safest option but if you feel daring, try to fight back. Scream, do a ninja-move and chop his back, or run away if you can (useless if you are cornered).

I hope this has helped you or added something new for you. These are all simple tips but can really help us avoid being a “victim” or target. Remember that it is better to be paranoid than to cry of loss in the end.

Take care and have a nice day.


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