Tips on Maximizing your SM 3 Day Sale Experience

Tips on Maximizing your SM 3 Day Sale Experience

I have been a supporter of the SM 3 day Sale ever since I knew about it and as much as possible, I try my best to allot some time to shop on these dates. Based on my experiences, I would like to share with you my compilation of tips on how to maximize your SM 3 day Sale Experience.

The SM 3 Day Sale is similar to any mall sales where they would be releasing lots of stocks that did not get sold (I guess old stocks) and sell them at marked down prizes (some as high as 70% off). However, SM has added some perks and benefits to their 3 day sale and it is good to know about them.

SM 3 Day Schedule

They do announce the schedule of their 3 day sales in advance. In 2010, I was even able to get a list but for 2011, it is still a work in progress. Usually, the 3 day sale starts of a Friday and ends on a Sunday so if I were you, I’d go shop as early as Friday to ensure that you have more choices and available stocks.

Additional 10% Discount from 10am to 12pm

This is a treat for the early birds. It basically tells you that if you are the one who opens SM and you manage to reach the counter by noon, you will enjoy additional 10% discount on top of any discount. This is an exclusive to SM advantage Card holders though.

Avail of 3-months zero (0%) interest Installment plan for purchases above PHP5000

On a shopping spree but you bought too much that you have a hard time paying them off? Well, you can try to avail of this installment plan but you have to reach the minimum amount of PHP5000. I tried this once and although it wasn’t that heavy on the pocket (once the installment kicks in), I felt like I was forcing myself just to reach PHP5000.

Enjoy 5% rebate when using your BDO credit cards

It is their mall and it is their bank so use them together and you can get 5% rebate (think of it as an additional 5% discount).

Make sure you have an SM Advantage Card

There are some items that have additional discounts and that only gets activated when you have the SM Advantage Card. (eg. Levis adds a 10% additional discount for card holders)

These are just tips that are applicable to the SM 3 day Sale. In the future, I will post general tips on shopping on a sale. But one thing to remember is that, spend wisely. Don’t be caught in the trap of “ohh but it has a 70% discount so I should buy it“.

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