4 Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk while Drinking Alcohol

Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk while Drinking Alcohol

Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk while Drinking Alcohol

We sometimes attend some parties or hang out with friends, and one of the things that are being done usually is to drink alcohol. Be it drinking beers bottle per bottle, hard drinks shot by shot or just sipping some cocktails, we sometimes tend to forget to set some rules or limits and we end up drinking much more than we can handle. You know what happens next? We will lose ourselves and go into a drunken state. Others may just be “tipsy” but others may get so “wasted” that they would run to the nearest toilet and worship it with their vomit.

As a general rule, your limit should only reach the “tipsy” state because that is a state where you can still think, walk and do things minus the inhibitions. You will just find yourself doing things you don’t usually do, saying things that you don’t usually say but it won’t stop you from having fun. However, if you go past that state and go to the “wasted” state, then sadly, the night is over for you. I’m not sure how you can still recover from that because your mind will be blank and you will simply want to go to sleep or rest.

So how do we get to stay on the “tipsy” state? Well, here are a few tips on maintaining that level.

[1] Pacing

Pacing is very important. Never be in a hurry to finish your drink. Try to drink it slow and steady. Avoid doing “one shots” where you will finish a bottle in just one attempt. Aside from being seen as a braggart, it will only speed up your “drunken” meter. Note that our body can only process a certain amount of alcohol at a time so you should not go past its limit. You can always do other things like talking, playing games, walking around,etc… Try to avoid games where the loser has to drink a shot as a consequence especially if you are not good at that game.

[2] Eating

Drinking on an empty stomach is very bad. Always have something to eat while drinking. Not only will it slow your drinking, but it would also help your stomach process something else aside from alcohol. However, be careful of what you eat because alcohol slows down our “fat burning” capabilities so you might be surprised to see your beer belly going bigger and bigger. Try to eat meat and avoid fatty/oily food. Chips are also junk food that you should avoid but we all love chips right?

[3] Drink Water

…or any non-alcoholic drink. The purpose of drinking water while drinking is to dilute the alcohol in your body. As a general rule, try to drink the same amount of water per beer bottle you drink. Try also to drink water after every 2-3 shots. The only downside is that you will be going to the toilet much often but it is worth it (believe me). Alcohol causes dehydration so make sure to drink some liquids to rehydrate yourself especially after drinking. Here are the suggested liquids you can drink; sports drinks are good or you can drink coconut juice, or some hot soup. These can help prevent that heavy feeling in your head or what people call as a “hang-over”.

[4] Know your limits

We all have a different tolerance to alcohol so you should know your own limit. You can base it on past experiences or when you feel you had enough, stop. Your friends will try to push you to drink more but it will always be your decision because it is your body on the line here. One good tip is to try to stand up and walk every once in a while when you are drinking. This is to test your capability to balance yourself which you don’t get to do when you are just sitting down. If you feel that you have a hard time walking or even just standing, you should stop and just drink water to sober up.

These are just simple tips that you can follow but it can determine if you will left still standing or will you be in the floor sleeping. Trust me, getting wasted is not a good experience. Aside from the extra burden you will bring to your companions, you will be missing out on the rest of the occasion so apply these tips and drink moderately.

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4 thoughts on “4 Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk while Drinking Alcohol

  1. oh yes! i trust you alright! hahaha! good thing i have this three bottles only tolerance of alcohol.. any excess bottle will give beer itch! true story!

  2. I just learned that mono sodium glutamate (betchin) will get you overly drunk when you had it on your beer. Not that I say that people will intentionally put in your beer but the food we eat especially those chips and junk food that we eat along while we drink have it. So you should also take precaution on those.

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