Tiremasters Autocare Center Experience

Tiremasters Autocare Center Experience

It has already been a routine for me to go to the nearest gasoline stop to have my tires inflated as I always feel that they are soft. I usually inflate them to 32psi but when I check back after a few days, they would go down to around 25-28 (I even had one where it went down to 20 I think). I have been planning to have my tires checked and repaired but I don’t want to have them repaired in small vulcanizing shops because of the way they handle your tires and rims.

I was recommended to go to Tiremasters and since it was just near from our place, I decided to give them a visit yesterday. I’m glad that there were no customers in there when I arrived because that meant that I don’t have to wait long to get some service. So… what did they do to my tires?

  1. Remove each tire from the car
  2. Dip each tire into a very dirty pool of water to see if there are leaks (identified by bubbles).
  3. Put soapy water on the sides (where the rims and tire meet) to see if there are leaks (identified by bubbles).

Out of the four (4) tires, two of them had bubbles in step # 3 so he proceeded with cleaning them. (if the bubbles were identified in step # 2, then he would need to add some patches as that would mean they have holes).

Now, the thing that separates a big tire shop to a small vulcanizing shop is the way they will separate the rims from your tires. They are using a machine that will do this fast and easier. In small vulcanizing shops, they will poke your tire and continuously hit it as their procedure. I had an experience on this before and got some dents on my rims due to that.

So going back, after he separated the rims and the tires, he proceeded with cleaning them and after cleaning them, he returned them to the car.

Total spending was  PHP410.

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Phone: +63(2)8970578

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