TonTon Thai Massage

TonTon Thai Massage

TonTon Thai Massage

TonTon Thai Massage

I’ve been longing for a massage for a while now and I haven’t always been lucky at the Mont Albo Spa just across the street. It was either they were already closing (due to me going too late) or they don’t have any therapists available. Just recently, an idea struck me that made me want to try out Thai Massage out of curiosity. I know only of two which would be TonTon and Nuat Thai. After asking on Facebook on their recommendations, I went to TonTon. TonTon has a lot of branches in Manila and the nearest  branch to me would be on Leviste, Salcedo Street.

So I went inside and checked out their rates and I opted for the 1 hour and 30 minutes duration of a full body massage. They offer three types of massages namely; back, foot and full body at the same price.

Massage Duration Price
1 Hour PHP 350
1 Hour and 30 Min PHP 450
2 Hours PHP 650

I waited for a while for the masseuse to arrive. A few minutes later, I was led into a mini room (separated by curtains) and given the TonTon Massage Pajamas. Then, the massage started…

Note that they don’t have lockers for your valuables so that’s something you need to take into consideration here.

TonTon Thai Massage Experience

The massage routine was in this order: legs (quads), shoulders and arms, legs (hamstrings), back, and head. It was a mix of pressing on certain points of your body, pulling and stretching, and tapping (which made loud noises). I was surprised when it came to the back massage as I felt the masseuse kneeling and later, standing on my back. I felt like a human surfboard and I was imagining myself getting crushed under her weight but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. She would periodically ask if her weight was ok and it was tolerable for me except for one time where I felt a minor discomfort on my right shoulder.

My idea of thai massage would be stretching and making you into a human pretzel. Although I didn’t really get to experience being turned into a human pretzel, I loved the stretching at the end of the massage. My bones in my spine cracked like they haven’t been cracked before and I can no longer crack them now after I wake up (not sure if this is a good or a bad thing).

I wonder how other people could fall asleep during a thai massage (as I was hearing snoring). The pressing on the pressure points was already enough for me to be awake but I had to admit that I dozed off during the head massage.

Overall, I liked it. I was a first timer in Thai Massage and it didn’t disappoint. It gave my body its long overdue massage cravings!

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TonTon Massage LEVISTE

110 Plaza Royale Bldg. L. P. Leviste Rd., Salcedo Village, Makati City

812-1089 / 0922-8188704


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