Top Antivirus Programs for 2012

Top Antivirus Programs for 2012

Top Antivirus Programs

Antivirus protection is very important for a computer especially if it is always exposed to the internet and other external devices such as flash drives.

Updated to 2012 version.

There are many antivirus products out there which makes it hard to choose which one to use. Some virus makers even make their viruses look like antivirus programs that fools people into installing them. However, with this top antivirus lists, I hope you will learn which are the programs that are recommended and do not install something you don’t know.


Program Name Website Comments
Kaspersky Antivirus (personally recommended)
Bitdefender Antivirus too strict! Every action needs confirmation that it became annoying.
Webroot Antivirus
Norton Antivirus Previous versions were memory hogs and that made me walk away. I hear they have improved on that aspect though.
NOD32 Antivirus Good and trusted antivirus.
Trend Micro

Please note that some of these programs need to be bought while some can be used for free (e.g. AVG, AVAST, AVIRA). It doesn’t mean that the paid version would always be better than the free version. It would still depend on your own usage and online habits. A good combo would be an antivirus program and also safe browsing from you, the user. Don’t fall for scams in the net and before committing to something, do research first as some people might have already experienced it and can help you avoid them in case they are not good.

Personally, I would recommend Kaspersky AntiVirus although it is not for free. You need to buy a license key to get updates but it is worth it. Others would recommend AVG as it is a free antivirus and I have heard good reviews about it tool.

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