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31 MAY 2011

After an extended period of apprehension with warning to motorists caught overspeeding and staying in the overtaking lane, SLEX will apprehend and issue tickets for these violations starting June 1, 2011.

To avoid fines and penalties imposed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), strictly obey traffic signs within South Luzon Tollway (SLEX).

Additional Information: –

Speed Limit: 60-100 kph – Overtaking Lane: Innermost Lane – Overtaking Speed: 110kph; 120kph allowed within 30-60 seconds –

How over speeding is identified: via CCTV cameras/speed gun along Alabang to Sto.Tomas –
How Tickets will be issued: at toll booths or thru Traffic Officers (flag down) along SLEX.
Drivers license will be confiscated in exchange for a Temporary Operator?s Permit (TOP) which is valid for 3 working days. –
Where to render/pay penalty: during office hours at LTO Quezon City? East Avenue or LTO Region IV at Lipa, Batangas.
Confiscated Driver’s license will be turned over to LTO the following day. –

Traffic Information is provided thru Digital Variable Signages located at Susana Heights and Sta. Rosa –
Reference Regulation: RA 4136-Traffic Code of the Philippines –
Emergency Assistance Nos.: CP No. 0908-880-7539 Landline No. (049) 508-7539 F
for further inquiries, pls contact Ms. Liza Beronio at local 5641 or thru email or MATES at Tel. No. (049) 508-7539

Subject: New Traffic Rules on SLEX ( South Luzon Expressway)

1. Speed limits – min 60 kph, max 100 kph, be careful to observe this
speed limit. May mga speed radar enforced strech sila sa SLEX. They have
speed radar with telescope which can see you hundreds of meters away
whether you’re under or over speeding. You can break the rules on some
segment but better to observe it because they are really dead serious to
implement the law inside the SLEX.

2. Emergency Shoulders – don’t pop out on the right and take this as the
faster lane. In some stretch, biglang may haharang sa iyo and you may
not be able to handle your brakes and accident may happen. They are that
crazy, believe me.

3. Yellow with White Lines approaching the exits – Go inside this line
kung e-exit ka na. Avoid abrupt swerving or riding on this lane kung
hindi ka e-exit sa next tollgate. Gustong-gusto ng PNCC men manghuli dyan.

4. Abrupt Change of LanesMay mga PNCC men on pick-up trucks na
naka-monitor sa mga ilalim ng overpasses. Normally nanduon sila sa mga
may vantage view na kitang-kita yung stretch.

5. Littering – got an extra 1,000 pesos dun ka magkalat sa SLEX mas

6. Checkpoints or Radar Enforced Segments – On the last post of the
Skyway in Bicutan, duon sa on and off ramp ng Skyway, may spotter dyan,
approx. 300 meters before Alabang viaduct southwards meron din dyan, sa
ilallim ng Susana heights overpass meron din dyan, sa ilalim ng Carmona
overpass, sa may Sta. Rosa, Sa may Cabuyao, Silangan and all the way to
Calamba. They may not be there all the time pero iyang mga lugar na yan
ang checkpoints.

7. Skyway – they’ll just compute the time it takes you to enter the
Skyway until the time you exit. They’ve set standard times if have a faster speed, you will get a TVR.

8. Lights – Busted Signal lights and Brake lights, Dirty Plates are a
violation inside the SLEX.

9. Reckless DrivingKahit saan naman bawal yan siyempre, pero kung
gusto nyong subukan puwede rin sa SLEX.

10. Bribery – Never attempt to bribe those PNCC men, they know their
job. Period! Now, paano ka nila mahuhuli? Since they have telescope and
radios, they can see way, way far ahead and scan your speed of course if
you’re going under or over, they’ll radio you on all exits plus dun sa roaming
enforcers nila. Magugulat ka na lang they’ll send you on the side and
ask for your license and give you a TVR, lalo na sa exits. Pag-claim ay
problem rin because they’ll send it to LTO East Avenue and after a week
mo pa matutubos yon.

IN THE FUTURE, they’ll have disguised vehicle sa SLEX which is fully
equiped. You’ll never know na huli ka na cause they’ll just use their
high-speed cameras and get a front clear shot of you plus your car and
your plate number with speed written on it, dates etc, all digitally
encrypted. They make use of the LTO system to locate your address and send
it to you there.


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