[Wii] Trauma Team

Trauma Team for Wii

Trauma Team for Wii

My Review of Trauma Team:

Trauma Team is the 3rd in the Trauma Series for the Wii and this is the only game I have played so far (there’s also Trauma Center :New Blood and Trauma Center: Second Opinion). I won’t be able to compare it with its predecessors because I haven’t played them yet. Also, pardon my terms as I do not really understand much of what I’m doing in the game but I’m glad the game takes time to explain the procedures you are about to do plus the diseases and ailments you are trying to cure.

This game is more of a simulation on how things happen in the medical field. You can play as one of the six specialists and your end goal would be to cure the patient (or uncover the mystery). The six specializations you can play as are the following:

  • Surgery
  • First Response
  • Orthopedics
  • Endoscopy
  • Diagnosis
  • Forensics

Surgery in Trauma Team

The heart and soul of the previous Trauma Centers (from what I have read). Playing as the surgeon will make use of your wiimote and nunchuck as you will be using the nunchuk to go through different kinds of tools (forceps, scalpel, stabilizer and other tools for a total of 8 in total). The wiimote will be used as your hands as you use each tool to slice, extract, inject or whatever it is you need to do a successful surgery. Prepare to hear the word tumor a lot.

First Response in Trauma Team

This is similar to surgery however you will have a limited set of tools but you will have more patients at a time thus you need to juggle your treatment/time between patients making sure no one gets ignored. Your main goal here is to stabilize your patients before the cavalry (ambulances) arrive so it’s like a time trial surgery. You will also need the wiimote and nunchuck here.

Orthopedics in Trauma Team

All I know about orthopedics is that it is related to bones. Here, your mission will be to do some sort of bone surgeries where all kinds of injuries to the bones. You will be cutting, drilling, screwing bones while you can also add some synthetic bones if the patient needs it. You will just need the wiimote on this one (I haven’t got a mission yet that makes me use the nunchuk). Your main goal here is to do combos and combos can be earned by not stopping on any activity (for example, bone chopping, you should not stop halfway through else you will stop the combo).

Endoscopy in Trauma Team

I imagine this that they are inserting a rather long piece of mechanical tube inside a person and you will be treating the patients from the inside. The controls are slightly different from Surgery and First Response but what’s annoying is on how will move around in the insides of the patient. You will have to push the wiimote to the screen if you want to go forward and pull it back to go in reverse. Most of the time, I am doing a push-pull motion of the wiimote while playing these missions and it does get tiring to your arms so this isn’t my type of treatment I want to do. You also can’t go fast because you risk hitting the walls of the stomach, intestines etc.. and hurt your patient so you have to do it nice and slow which means more arm motion for you.

Diagnosis in Trauma Team

This is one of the two games in Trauma Team that you can take all the time you need to finish the mission without worrying that your patient’s vitals will drop and die any minute. In diagnosis, you will be trying to collect “symptoms” from your patients then by combining them together in your computer, you will be able to derive the disease. You will be interviewing your patient, observe their outside appearance, use the stethoscope, listen to EKG (whatever that is) and do some scans such as X-ray, ct-scan, MRI i think? ultrasound etc… It’s fun especially since the doctor and the computer are always arguing (yes they have a high tech computer that can do quadrillion computations per second and even talk).

Forensics in Trauma Team

The second one where you can take your time. Basically you will be trying to solve cases where somebody has died. You will start with your special power where you can hear the last words the victim said then it will depend on you and your deductive skills to know what really happened. You will examine the corpse, the crime scene to gather clues some of which you can send for further analysis,  listen to interviews of witness and suspects and you will mix and match together to gather solid evidences. Once you have solid evidences, you have already solved the case. This is so far my favorite in all the games as it has a creepy atmosphere and it is really interesting to discover things which the suspects have tried to hide. (CSI anyone?)


I did not realize this at first but there is a story that you can follow throughout the game. At first I though that you need to finish each specialist then move on the next to know their story but you will have to go through each one of them by following a time-line and you will get a better grasp of the story.

Overall, I like this game as it is all very new to me (I don’t have a medical background). I also want to share this to my friends who are in the medical field as I believe they can relate more to the game but even if you are not in that field, I’m sure you will enjoy doing any of the 6 stuffs except I guess the endoscopy lol.

Now I’m back to play it again.

You should play it too because Trauma Team is a great game!

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