[Facebook] Treasure Isle Starting Up Guide – New Zynga Game

Treasure Isle Starting Up Guide – New Zynga Game

Treasure Isle Starting Up Guide - New Zynga Game

I kept seeing this on facebook updates and got curious so I went in to have a look.

Treasure Isle is the newest game released by Zynga (creator of Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Fishville, Farmville) and I thinking that this will soon follow their footsteps as a game played by millions world wide.

Treasure Isle is a game where you main action is to dig treasure. Correct me if I’m wrong but that is what I have noticed on the few minutes of playing this game.

Basically, you will be on an island and each square on the island can be hiding a potential treasure for you to dig up. Just click on the square to do the action automatically (Dig, search). For every action done on treasure isle, you will gain Gold and Experience. Gold is used to buy stuffs (game currency) while experience is something you should fill up to gain a level.

Whenever you find something (for example a treasure quest), just click it and you will be rewarded with treasures. Complete these treasures (by digging all over the island) to gain a bonus. See screenshots below where I earned my first treasure collection and bonus from Treasure Isle. It is the crown jewels collection! I’m rich!

Do note that your every action will spend “energy”. When you run out of energy, you will need to wait for the timer to replenish your energy (similar to what energy and stamina is for Mafia Wars)

  • Digging takes up 5 energy.
  • Searching takes up 7 energy.

So I continued to dig up the whole island until I gained a level and I noticed that my energy got refilled to full automatically. So this means that you should optimize your energy spendings to make sure you will gain a level via the experience you got from the actions. I continued more until I have exhausted the island. A notice will be shown to you and this means that I have no place anymore to dig so I need to move to another island. I also earned experienced for completing the island.

Now, I just traveled to a new island and will continue digging until I can move on to the next island or I have exhausted my energy.

Here are the other things you can do besides from digging:

  • Buy items to improve your digging skills or decorate your own island
  • Give gifts to your facebook friends (to invite them over to treasure isle) or simply because you are generous
  • Go home to your own treasure isle island (to get there, click on the boat to travel then click on the home icon on the top right). At home, you can use the items you bought to decorate it or harvest fruits.

Treasure Isle Home Island

While playing around my home island, I realized there are several things you do here.

You can decorate your island by buying items and moving around anything. I guess this would appeal to those who like decorating their houses.

You can buy stuffs (aside from decorations) like trees, animals, plantations which will keep you busy while waiting when you have ran out of energy. Trees and plantations give you fruit while animals give you experience. Btw, I made a mistake and realized that animals cannot be bought via gold (normal currency) but they need to be bought via dollars (Similar to godfather points in Mafia wars) and I wasted them 🙁

Anyway, I have exhausted my energy and I cannot do anything at my home island so ends my first play of treasure isle. If I find more interesting things, I’ll be sure to blog about it here.

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