Globe Bill Data Charges in Minutes

Trying to Isolate the Globe Ghost Data Charges

Trying to Isolate the Globe Ghost Data Charges


Globe Bill Data Charges in Minutes
Globe Bill Data Charges in Minutes

The issue hasn’t been resolved yet but I believed we are making progress. This will be the 4th post in the series of Globe Telecom’s Ghost Mobile Data Charges.

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So the question remains; what’s/who’s creating/causing these connections ? Certainly not me as I have refrained from using mobile data while this issue has been ongoing.

We have tested that even with a new sim; the issue is still there. However, the issue disappeared when I transferred the sim into another phone (my old Galaxy Y – come to think of it; I have blogged about my experience with LG G2). I want to avoid concluding that the phone is the problem because there has been a span of time where the issue hasn’t occurred.

My LG G2 phone was bought on December 2013 and there has been no issues up until this summer. The issue started to occur this March and has continued to occur ever-since. I have documented the changes / tests being done for this issue and as of writing. It is a spreadsheet that details the changes being done including changing of sim and other phone settings.

Globe Telecom Ghost Charges Test Cases

The current test that we are doing now is to monitor the change in network mode. My theory is that when I’m on GSM/WCDMA/LTE (auto) then I will get ghost data charges. If I change it to GSM/WCDMA only then I won’t.

I also have another theory; maybe it is a Android Kitkat issue? I’m still trying to remember when I upgraded to Android Kitkat (4.4.2) from Jellybean. Also I haven’t ready any conclusive news that pins Kitkat to my issue.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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PS: If you have similar stories, please do share them as I’d really like to know how you were able to resolve it (if it got resolved) and what Globe has done to address this. So far; the best thing they have done is to reverse the charges.

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