two posts mysteriously disappeared

Now this is weird… two of my posts (which I posted today) mysteriously disappeared. I’m not sure if this was a database glitch or something but this is alarming. I’ve been getting more and more errors lately, adding to the constant downtimes this blog is having… I’d better start doing my backups now and I will be rewriting the posts that were lost. I’m sorry about this.

Update: I manage to retrieve my posts. I got one through my feeds and the other one by setting my browser to “work offline”.

9 thoughts on “two posts mysteriously disappeared

  1. buti na retrieve mo.

  2. Dati, Google account ko mismo ang nawala.

    Hehe, I lost 5 blogs and an email account. Buti nalang, may Google Cache, doon ko naretrieve. ;D

  3. It’s a good thing you retrieved them.

    Do you know what might have caused the problem? It might be very helpful to us.

  4. Did you ever find out what happened?

  5. @Charter TV – No I did not, but I have switched webhosts already. My previous webhost gave me lots of headaches. 🙁

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