Two reasons why my blog is unoptimized for search engines!

When I was roaming around the blogs of other people, I would usually see them talking about SEO or search engine optimization. Since I can’t define it by myself, I will let google define it for me.

Search Engine Optimization

The altering of a Web site, Web pages and links to Web sites and Web pages to improve visibility, rank and relevance in the organic, crawler-based listings of search engines.

The best way to check if your blog is optimized for search engines or not is to do a search on your blog. For example I want to search in google so I will use this search query.

site: so for my blog it would be, site:http://silkenhut

Now let me show you one of my blog results which is very unoptimized!!!

What’s wrong with this result?

Post title has been cut

Take a look at my post title. It shows you the blog name, blog archive and my post title which has been cut off. The post title is the more important part to show on the search engine results and it’s the one that has been cut!

Post Excerpts does not show anything relevant

People search on search engines because they want to find something. Search engines delivers results based on their searches. If my blog would show up in someone’s search, they would like to know what that blog is all about before clicking that link. Look at what they would find, category names which have no relation to the blog post talking about the blog’s first monthsary.

As you can see, looking at these results, I can say that my blog is unoptimized for search engines. So this begins my quest to optimize my search engine results. ^_^

5 thoughts on “Two reasons why my blog is unoptimized for search engines!

    1. Yeah, i added a sitemap and my blog on google webmasters. It’s easy to rank # 1 in “silkenhut” since I’m the only one using it. hehe ^_^

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