Typhoon Frank Damages in Iloilo

We all know that Typhoon Frank lashed out in the Visayas and damaged was pretty bad in Iloilo City. Based on the testimonial of this comment by Redlan, the water level rose very fast that it shocked a lot of people. The water dam in Maasin was damaged, river beside jaro overflowed, and high tide came so Jaro suddenly became a sea.

Here is a nice writeup on a first hand experience on getting stranded in a mall because they were trapped by the flood. (I’d like to collect more of your experiences)

More typhoon frank videos below…

Iloilo on June 21 Video

Iloilo on June 22 Video

2 thoughts on “Typhoon Frank Damages in Iloilo

  1. Do you think the insurance would cover the damages done by the flying roof? I read that the warning for people to secure their area of work came too late. Think it is weird. But would they have done the responsible way of securing those things if they had known it earlier? I guess we wouldn’t know the answer anymore.

  2. @tania – I’m not sure how much will the insurance cover. It would depend on the plan though. The problem there was the weather forecast was very wrong and very late. People were really shocked when the typhoon changed course suddenly.

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