Typhoon Frank lashes out on Visayas

The Philippines is under a huge crisis right now due to the effects of Typhoon Frank who slapped the Visayas region with heavy rain and strong winds yesterday and today.

I asked my parents who were living in Iloilo City about the status and here is what they said, (translated to English)

“We are ok but the others are not. There’s too many floodwater. The city of Iloilo and its provinces are flooded. Most are on their rooftops already. My friend, Malyn’s 3 vehicles are all submerged underwater already. The people are helpless and don’t know what to do and where to go. It’s a huge calamity. Rooftops are flying left and right.”

What a disaster this is. I’m glad that my family back there is ok but I can’t help but feel bad about the other people there who are suffering from flood and had to evacuate their homes. It would be hard to recoup for all the loses and damages that Frank the typhoon has caused. I hope this typhoon goes away soon so that people can start anew again.

I hope the government would take this as an initiative to unite our people and help one another. Enough fights and bickering and publicity stunts, they should focus on the things people need the most and that is support from the government.

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10 thoughts on “Typhoon Frank lashes out on Visayas

  1. Really well more written and an easily understandable contribution. I look regularly here by and would like to leave here greetings from Germany!

  2. grabe ang halit ni Frank. Total blackout dito since kahapon ng madaling araw. hindi ko alam what’s going around kasi wala pang kuryente. andito ako sa mall para makapag internet. okay naman ang weather ngayong araw. sana tumigil na. kawawa yung mga tao na nakatira malapit sa ilog.

    btw, invited ka bukas sa red carpet party ek ek ko sa blog ko.

  3. ive seen the news nga eh… i was there pa namn last year… i cant imagine kung paano naging ganoong kalaki ung flood… i went to jaro last year in our company outing and hindi ko inexpect na magiging ganoon ang hitsura ng jaro sa news during the typhoon frank… im glad that your parents are ok… and im sorry for your friend for her cars… those are a lot of maintenance you know…

    yatots last blog post..Part 1: A Life Less Ordinary…

  4. @Yatot – Yes. Jaro is known to be easily flooded when there are strong rains since it’s beside the river (we call it tabuc suba – or across river literally). We really need to fix the drainage in Iloilo and replant the trees that were chopped off our mountains. Else, this flood might come again.

  5. ay grabe gid ya ang natabo. although wala ko ka witness or wala kami maapektuhan ya pero base sa testi sang mga tawo ay daw matrauma ka. may mga officemates ko nga naapektuhan. grabe kuno dasig magtaas ang tubig. naguba bi ang dam sa dingle kag maasin. just imagine it. gadalagan ang tubig pakadto sa city. daw nahalitan sa janiuay, pototan, jaro, asta sa sambag jaro pakadto sa bakhaw kag bolilao. ang lapaz ya wala mahalitan. sa amon sa molo wala man. kalolooy gid ya ang tawo nagasaka sila sa bubungan. mayo lang kay may flood control pero wala gid na penetrate ang baskug dalagan sang tubig.

    okay naman subong kay okay na ang tiempo. self mo lang gid ang luwason mo. damu properties na-damage.

  6. Glad your folks are ok. I just heard the news from my parents when I’m in Romblon. Grabe talaga daw nangyari. My relatives in Janiuay and Pototan are all ok.

    JP aka Elmos last blog post..Belated Birthday Post

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